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Each of the following Autographs is professionally matted (12 x 16 inch) and wrapped in plastic, includes a matted print or steel engraving of the Signer (ready to be framed). We also have many books by or about these leaders. A short list of ephemera follows the autographs.

image) WILLIAM STARKE ROSECRANS - Hand dated by Rosecrans "Feb.3. 1882" . Union Major General who taught at West Point but resigned in 1854 to become a civil engineer, architect and coal/oil refiner. Colonel of Engineers in Ohio Volunteers under McClellan in 1861. Commanded Brigade in Army of Occupation at Rich Mountain, WV and led Army of Mississippi in 1862. In command of District of Corinth until October 1862 and then Army of Cumberland at Tullahoma and Chickamauga where he was defeated. Minister to Mexico, Congressman and California rancher. Known for his "testy disposition and hot temper" - Steel Engraving (Size 5 1/4 x 7 1/4) - $325

GENERAL P. T. G. BEAUREGARD - Confederate General who served in the mexican War and was Superintendent of West Point in 1961 when he resigned to serve the Confederacy. He commanded the attack on Ft Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Post war signature in his beautiful script dated 1870 - $395 (Available with hand colored Steel Engraving of the General for $495)

image) AMBROSE EVERETT BURNSIDE - Union Major General who served in Mexican and Indian Wars before resigning to manufacture firearms in Rhode Island. As Colonel of the 1st Rhode Island Volunteers, he commanded at Bull Run and later led successful coastal attacks in N. Carolina. He was offered and refused command of the Army of the Potomac (Twice). Often blamed for allowing Lee's Army to escape at Antietam. Relieved after Fredericksburg, he later succeeded in capture of Morgan's Raiders and capture of Knoxville. Fought in battles of Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Totopotomoy and Bethesda Church. Relieved again after Petersburg mine assault, he want on to become Governor of Rhode Island and U.S. Senator - Newsprint Engraving (Size 6 1/4 x 9 ) - $325

image) GEORGE STONEMAN - Union Major General was in command of Fort Brown, Texas at the start of the war when General Twiggs demanded its surrender. Stoneman and part of his troops escaped and Twiggs surrendered the fort, Texas and all Union forces and supplies to Ben McCullough and his Texas Rangers. Stoneman served on General McClellan's staff and who became Chief of Cavalry when McClellan became Commander of the Army of the Potomac. Served in Peninsular Campaign and commanded the Third Corps as Fredericksburg. Served as General Hooker's cavalry commander. Joined the Western Army after "Stoneman's Raid" during Chancellorsville and went on to serve in the west and in the Atlanta Campaign where he and 700 of his troops were captured on July 31, 1864. He was released after several months and went on to fight in Sherman's Carolinas Campaign. Later became the Governor of California - Steel Engraving (Size 4 1/4 x 5) - $395

image) JOHN POPE - Union Major General - Commanded Army of Mississippi in 1862 and saw victories in battle at Madrid and Island #10 on the Mississippi, opening the upper Mississippi River to the U.S. He served in Battle at Corinth with General Halleck's left wing. Disliked by Lee for his harsh treatment of Southern Sympathizers after he took command of the Army of Virginia in 1862. Fought at Second Manassas where he was defeated by Stonewall Jackson resulting in Porter Case controversy and belief that McClellan and others contributed to the defeat by failure to cooperate. Later served in the Northwest (Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota & Wisconsin) - Includes nice steel engraved Brady Ambrotype Portrait - Steel Engraving from Brady Ambrotype (Size 7 x 8 3/4) - $395

image) PHILIP H. SHERIDAN - Union Major General - Forced to graduate a year late from West Point after threatening a Cadet Sergeant with a bayonet and then later beating the Sergeant for reporting the offense. Served as Quartermaster of Army of Southwest Missouri under General Halleck where Halleck transferred his to avoid a trial for failing to give vouchers for supplies taken from Southern Sympathizers. Fought at Booneville, Perryville, Stones River, Murfreesboro and Chickamauga. Last Commander of the Third Division of the Twentieth Corps. His and his forces stormed Missionary Ridge at Chattanooga. They broke through the line and almost captured General Bragg and his generals leading to General Bragg's relief. Took Command of The Army of the Potomac (Cavalry Corps) in April 1864. His Richmond Raid 9-24 May 1864, led to the defeat and death of Jeb Stuart at Yellow Tavern. During his Shenandoah Valley Campaign, won a series of devastating victories at Fisher Hill and Cedar Creek. Fought at Petersburg, Five Forks, Sayler's Creek and Appomattox where he pursued Lee and blocked his retreat. Became General in Chief of the Army in 1883 upon the retirement of Sherman - Sepia Tone Print (Size 5 1/4 x 9) - $495

image) DAVID DIXON PORTER - Union Admiral - Commanded a mortar flotilla under Admiral Farragut in the attack on New Orleans. Commanded Mississippi Squadron which participated in battle at Grand Gulf and in the siege and capture of Vicksburg. He was promoted to Admiral on the occasion of the surrender of Vicksburg (July 4, 1863). Later captured Fort Fisher and defenses at Wilmington in Carolinas - Color Print (Size 4 3/4 x 6 3/4) - $275


CHICKAMAUGA AND CHATTANOOGA MAP ATLAS - Printed in Washington 1901 - VERY GOOD Condition - Huge Red Hardboard Folio (28 Inches X 22 Inches) of 14 Separately Bound Maps with Gilt Title Pastdown on Cover - Each map is Double Page in size - Issued by the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park Commission - Maps are toned and need to be handled carefully, but they are intact and clean - each shows contour lines and Union and Confederate Unit Placements - Text pages accompanying maps has some tears, but is easily repairable - A Scarce Find! - $750
CDV - GENERAL MEADE - Carte-de-Viste of the Hero of Gettysburg - Small Clips to Corners - $85
CDV - GENERAL PHILLIP SHERIDAN - Carte-de-Viste - Bold and striking Brady-Type engraving - Reverse stamped with maker's mark "Joseph Ward, 125 Washington Street, Boston" - $125
PENNSYLVANIA - 81ST PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEER INFANTRY - - Signed Letter dated Dec 3rd, 1863 from 2nd LT John Patton - Co. G, 81st PA Vols to LT Wilson of 1st Division, 2nd Corps requesting to be mustered back into the 81st PA Volunteers following absence due to wounds received at Gettysburg during Pickett's Charge on July 3rd, 1863 - Patton was earlier wounded at Fredericksburg (Dec 13, 1862) and was Discharged as a Captain in September 1864


16TH NORTH CAROLINA - Confederate States of America Treasury document dated October 9th, 1862. For payment to dead soldier pay to father of John Ray of the 16th NC Infantry (Payment of $5.86 for 16 Days of a Month's Pay of $11.00) - Signed by Capt John McElroy, Captain of Co. "G" - $195


($500Bond) Confederate States of America 1864 - 17 x 26 Inches - VERY FINE Condition $500 Bond issued at Richmond in 1864 -- Includes $500 Bond and 59 attached $15 Coupons - in Wood Frame - $225 plus shipping

(500Bond) Confederate States of America 1861 - FINE Condition $500 Bond issued at Montgomery, Alabama before the Confederate Capital was moved to Richmond - Signed by Robert Tyler who had been head of the democratic Party in Pennsylvania - - Includes $500 Bond and 8 attached $20 Coupons - in Antique Oak Frame - $275 plus shipping

(100Bond) Confederate States of America 1861 - FINE Condition $100 Bond issued at Montgomery, Alabama before the Confederate Capital was moved to Richmond - Includes $100 Bond and 10 attached $4 Coupons - in Antique Wooden Frame - $225 plus shipping

(50Bond) Confederate States of America 1863 - FINE Condition $50 Bond issued at the Confederate Capital of Richmond - Vignette is of Thomas Bragg Jr., (Brother of the famous Confederate General) who served as Governor of North CarolinaIncludes and member of the Senate for North Carolina before withdrawing in support of secession - Includes $50 Bond with 12 attached $2 Coupons in Wooden Frame - $195 plus shipping



Custom Framed (12 x 16 Inch) Battle Scene with Eight (8) Original Lead Battlefield Bullets (Excavated from Battle Sites) and Original Confederate States Currency - $150 plus $20 U.S. shipping

Battle Scenes and Available Images include: