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We are pleased to annotate our list to identify collectible titles
*ITC = Title listed "In Tall Cotton" by Richard Harwell - The 200 Most Important Confederate Books for the Reader, Researcher and Collector
*UBS = Title listed in "The Union Bookshelf by Michael Mullins and Rowena Reed - A Bibliography of 246 of the Best Union Books
*CBS = Title listed in "A Confederate Book Shelf" by Douglas Southall Freeman
*CWIB = The Civil War In Books by David Eicher - An Annotated Bibliography of 1100 Civil War Books


Abbott, Henry Livermore (20th Mass) - FALLEN LEAVES : THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF MAJOR HENRY LIVERMORE ABBOTT - Kent State Univ Pr - ISBN# 0873384407- BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - Edited by Robert Garth Scott - 266pp - Index - Photos - The author served with the 20th Massachusetts and died at the Battle of the Wilderness - Publisher's List Price = $20 - Our Price - $16.95
Abbott, Gen Lemuel A. - PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS AND CIVIL WAR DIARY - VT Civil War Enterprises - BRAND NEW Hardcover Reprint of 1908 Original - In Light Blue Buckram - 296pp - Photos - Roster of 10th Vermont survivors - Indexed - $35
Abel, E. Lawrence - CONFEDERATE SHEET MUSIC - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786445714 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover 258pp - Illustrations - Index - Almost 1700 Song Sheets are listed - Publisher's List Price = $49.95 -Our Price - $48
(LeMat) Adams, Doug - THE CONFEDERATE LEMAT REVOLVER - Mowbray Publishing - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - 112pp - Photos - Illustrated - Patent Drawings - Secret Weapon of the Confederacy? The LeMat Revolver has always held a special place in the hearts of Civil War enthusiasts. No other weapon is so emblematic of the Confederacy. The LeMat wasn't just a revolver - in addition to its bullets, it packed a unique last ditch wallop in the form of a shotgun blast from under the barrel. Begun as a partnership between Alexander LeMat, a French inventor from New Orleans, and P.G.T. Beauregard, a highly prominent Confederate officer, the LeMat revolver project quickly because a tale of international intrigue and espionage worthy of a spy novel. Operating from Southern port cities, European capitals and Caribbean islands, LeMat and his associates gave the Confederacy a "French Connection," not just to supply revolvers, but to aid the Rebel cause through supplies, financial shenanigans and propaganda. This exciting new book describes LeMat's wartime adventures aboard blockade runners and alongside the famous leaders of the Confederacy, as well as exploring, as never before, the unique revolvers that he manufactured for the Southern Cause - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 -Our Price - $27.95 -

Aimone, Alan Conrad & Barbara - USER'S GUIDE TO THE OFFICIAL RECORDS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR - White Mane - Brand New Softcover - 125pp - Index - Photos - $12
William A. Albaugh III - A PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLEMENT OF CONFEDERATE SWORDS WITH ADDENDUM - Broadfoot Publishing - 259pp - Reprint - Hundreds of Photos - Brand New Oversized hardcover in Dust Jacket -$49.95
Albaugh III, William A. - TYLER, TEXAS C.S.A. - Stackpole 1958 - 1st Edition - FINE Condition in Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - 235pp - Details of production weapons, belt plates and other items - Verbatum copies of the Tyler Day Book used to record letters and orders for manufacture and delivery of weapons and raw materials - Photos - $75
Alphaeus H. Albert - RECORD OF AMERICAN UNIFORM AND HISTORICAL BUTTONS - O'Donnell Pub - BRAND NEW Hardcover - Reprint of 1977 Bicentennial Edition - 511 Pages - Tons of Photos - Detailed descriptions - The standard guide for Civil War and American Buttons! - $95
Alberts, Don E. - THE BATTLE OF GLORIETA : UNION VICTORY IN THE WEST - Texas A & M Univ Pr - BRAND NEW Softcover - 226pp - Maps - Photos - Order of Battle - Index - Notes - Biblio - Publisher's List Price = $16.95 - Our Price - $14.95
Gen. Edward P. Alexander - FIGHTING FOR THE CONFEDERACY: THE PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OF GENERAL EDWARD PORTER ALEXANDER - Univ North Carolina - Edited by Gary Gallagher - 692pp - 75 Illustrations - Notes - Index - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List - $30 - Our Price - $26.95
Alford, Kenneth D. - CIVIL WAR MUSEUM TREASURES - OUTSTANDING ARTIFACTS AND THE STORIES BEHIND THEM - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786431861 - BRAND NEW Oversized Laminated Softcover - 224pp - Index - Biblio - Notes - Photos - Illustrations - A Bible, an officer's mess kit, a cane arm chair and a blood-stained note... at first glance, these items might not seem to have much in common. But on closer examination they prove to be some of the most interesting artifacts from the Civil War. This volume searches out and details memorabilia in museums spread over 21 states and the District of Columbia. Beginning with an overview of the Civil War, the book provides a state-by-state guide to various museums and historical societies with particular focus on matchless Civil War objects in their collections. Chapters provide the description of each museum and details on how each artifact came to be in that location. A chronological narrative centering on each rare item is then provided, placing the object within the timeline of the war and linking it to a specific event. An appendix contains a guide to battles which are known by various names - Publisher's List Price = $35 -Our Price - $31
Hervey Allen - ACTION AT AQUILA - Farrar & Rinehart - N.Y. 1938 1st Edition in Fine Dust Jacket - (In Tall Cotton #2) - $45
Captain Ujanirtus Allen (21st Georgia Vols) - CAMPAIGNING WITH "OLD STONEWALL " CONFEDERATE CAPTAIN UJANIRTUS ALLEN'S LETTERS TO HIS WIFE - LSU Press - Edited by Randall Allen and Keith S. Bohannon - Battle accounts of Cross Keys, Gaines's Mill, Cedar Mountain, Antietam, and Fredericksburg. In April, 1861, Allen, fueled by pride and patriotism, joined the Ben Hill Infantry, which eventually became Company F, 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He wrote his wife twice weekly, penning at least 138 letters before he received a mortal wound at Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863. - 352 pp - 10 halftones - 15 line drawings - Brand New - Publisher's List Price =$42.95 - Our Price - $37.95
Carter S. Anderson - TRAIN RUNNING FOR THE CONFEDERACY 1861-1865 - AN EYEWITNESS MEMOIR - White Mane 1992 - 76pp - Edited by Walbrook Swank - Index - Illustrated - Brand New Softcover - $9.95
Anderson, Ephraim McDowell - MEMOIRS: HISTORICAL AND PERSONAL - INCLUDING THE CAMPAIGNS OF THE FIRST MISSOURI CONFEDERATE BRIGADE - Applewood Books - ISBN# 9781429015073 - BRAND NEW Softcover - Reprint of 1868 Original - 436pp - Appendix - with Illustrations - Nevins calls this: "One of the better Confederate narratives; written by an upper-class Southerner and strongly revealing for social conditions in the Confederacy" - Publisher's List Price = $27.95 - Our Price - $23.99
Eliza Frances Andrews - THE JOURNAL OF A GEORGIA WOMAN 1870-1872 - Univ Tennessee Press - ISBN# 9781572338197-BRAND NEW Softcover - 142pp - Illustrated - Notes- Biblio - Index - Edited by S. Kittrell Rushing - Publisher's List Price = $20 - Our Price - $18.95
Andrews Andrews, Eliza Frances - THE WAR-TIME JOURNAL OF A GEORGIA GIRL, 1864-1865 - University of Nebraska, 1997 - ISBN# 9780803259317 - Brand New Softcover - Introduction by Jean Berlin - 403pp - Photographs - Eliza and her sister fled Washington, Georgia as Union troops approached in the fall of 1864 and kept a diary that reflects the anger ands despair of Confederate citizens during the last months of the war - freed slaves swarmed in the streets - starved and beaten soldiers begged for food - currency was worthless. A passionate firsthand record. - *CBS (A "Confederate Bookshelf" Title) - In Tall Cotton #3 - $19.95

Andrews, Henry F. - COMPANY "D" 16TH MAINE VOLUNTEERS - Union Publishing - Reprint of scarce 1906 Original - BRAND NEW Softcover Pamphlet - 39pp - $20
Matthew Page Andrews - WOMEN OF THE SOUTH IN WAR TIMES - Baltimore 1920 - 1st Edition - NEAR FINE Condition - errata slip present - $125
Apperson, John S. - REPAIRING THE "MARCH OF MARS": THE CIVIL WAR DIARIES OF JOHN SAMUEL APPERSON, HOSPITAL STEWARD IN THE STONEWALL BRIGADE, 1861-1865 - Mercer Univ Press - 654pp - Index - Dust Jacket - Apperson first enlisted as an infantryman in the First Virginia Brigade and when they learned he had studied medicine and been a physician's assistant, he was quickly transferred to field hospital duty. He was present when Stonewall's arm was amputated and his diary notes the general died from pneumonia, not as a result of botched surgery as was previously believed. His diary is detailed in its study of treatment of wounds both during and after battle - Entries note not only date, but also name and location of Hospital or Field Station where Apperson made his notes - Brand New Hardcover - - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $40
Richard L. Armstrong - 19TH AND 20TH VIRGINIA CAVALRY - H. E. Howard 1994 - ISBN# 1561900613 - AS NEW Condition - SIGNED & NUMBERED (#50 of 1000) - 1st Edition in Original Jacket - Maps - Photos - Detailed Rosters - $175
Richard L. Armstrong - 26TH VIRGINIA CAVALRY - H. E. Howard - SIGNED and NUMBERED 1st Edition - Maps - Photos - Detailed Rosters - Brand New - $75
Richard L. Armstrong - 26TH VIRGINIA CAVALRY - H. E. Howard 1994 - AS NEW Condition - SIGNED & NUMBERED (#50 of 1000) - 1st Edition in Original Jacket - Maps - Photos - Detailed Rosters - Bibliography - $125
(GodAlone) Armstrong, Richard - GOD ALONE KNOWS WHICH WAS RIGHT - THE BLUE AND GRAY TERRILL FAMILY OF VIRGINIA IN THE CIVIL WAR- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786446223 -BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 289pp - Maps - Illustrations - Notes - Biblio - Index - According to legend, William H. Terrill had the phrase "God Alone Knows Which Was Right" inscribed on a monument to honor two of his fallen sons, generals who fought on opposite sides during the Civil War. This history uses excerpts from family letters and official military records to depict both a family and a nation divided - Publisher's List Price = $38 - Our Price - $35.99

Warren B. Armstrong - FOR COURAGEOUS FIGHTING AND CONFIDENT DYING - Univ Kansas Press - 172pp - the Story of Chaplains in the Union Army - Photographs - Brand New Hardcover - - Publisher's List Price = $27.95 - Our Price - $24.95
Edward Aronoff - BETRAYAL AT GETTYSBURG - Parkway Pub - 1st Edition - Novel of the Civil War - The author postulates what might have happened if Lee's generals did what he asked them to do, taking the track that if they had done so, the Confederates would have won the battle and Longstreet would have been arrested for treason and brought to a public trial - Brand New Softcover - $20
Stephen V. Ash - WHEN THE YANKEES CAME: CONFLICT AND CHAOS IN THE OCCUPIED SOUTH, 1861-1865 - Univ North Carolina - ISBN# 9780807847954 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 309pp - Index - Biblio - Maps - Illustrations - Publisher's List - $32.50 - Our Price - $29.95
Atkins, Jonathan M. - PARTIES, POLITICS, AND THE SECTIONAL CONFLICT IN TENNESSEE, 1832-1861- Univ Tennessee Press. - Softcover - Maps - Photos - Rosters - Brand New - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.50
Atkinson, Dorothy Francis - KING WILLIAM COUNTY IN THE CIVIL WAR - H. E. Howard 1990 - AS NEW Condition - SIGNED & NUMBERED (#50 of 1000) - 1st Edition in Original Jacket - 280pp - Index - Biblio - Photos - $125
Avary, Marta Lockett- DIXIE AFTER THE WAR - Doubleday-Page NY 1906 - VERY GOOD Condition - 1st Edition Printing - Hardcover in Decorated Light Green Cloth with Medallion of Southern Belle on Front Board - Gilt Top Edge - Frontis of Jefferson Davis - 435pp - Index - One of the first eye-witness of life in Virginia after Lee's surrender. Very small owner name at top of fep - A source book on conditions under Reconstruction - Introduction by Gen. Clement Evans, C.S.A.- $75
Ayling, Augustus D. - REGISTER OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SOLDIERS AND SAILORS: WAR OF THE REBELLION - VT Civil War Enterprises - 1347pp - Reprint of Adjutant General's 1895 Original. Jammed-packed with information on New Hampshire's 18 Infantry and various other units. Includes a name index. Not many copies available. - Brand New Hardcover - $125
Anne J. Bailey and Daniel Sutherland - CIVIL WAR ARKANSAS: BEYOND BATTLES AND LEADERS - Univ Arkansas Press - 336pp - Illustrated - Collection of essays that explore unique military and social dimensions of the war in Arkansas - Brand New Softcover -Publisher's List Price = $24.95 - Our Price - $21.95
Baldwin, Margaret & Pat O'Brien - WANTED! FRANK AND JESSE JAMES - THE REAL STORY - Two Trails Publishing - 191pp - Illustrated - Brand New Softcover - $55
Ballard, Michael B. - VICKSBURG : THE CAMPAIGN THAT OPENED THE MISSISSIPPI - Univ North Carolina - ISBN# 9780807871287- BRAND NEW Softcover - 490pp - Notes - Biblio - Maps - Photos - Index - Publisher's List - $27 - Our Price - $24.95
Banisik, Michael E. - CAVALIERS OF THE BRUSH: QUANTRILL AND HIS MEN - Camp Pope Bookshop - ISBN# 1929919042 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 242pp - Index - Biblio - Rosters - Illustrations - $17.95
Reverend Louis A. Banks - IMMORTAL SONGS OF CAMP AND FIELD - Burrows Bros., Cleveland 1898 - FINE Condition - 1st Edition - Illustrated - Gilt Top Edge - Beautiful Gilt Illustrrated Boards - $110
Banner, LT Matthew Rauley - VICKSBURG'S CONFEDERATE BANNER: THE SIEGE OF VICKSBURG SEEN THROUGH THE LETTERS OF A CONFEDERATE LIEUTENANT - Banner Publishing -Brand New Softcover - 54pp - Illustrated - Maps - Lt Banner served with the 39th Georgia - enlisting and later being elected to Lieutenant - his letters home criticise Pemberton for dancing when he should have been leading his troops, detail the Union gunboat attacks, lack of supplies, combat casualties and eventual surrender of the Confederates at Vicksburg to Grant - ending the Confederate control of the Mississippi River - $10
Baptist, Edward E. - CREATING AN OLD SOUTH : MIDDLE FLORIDA'S PLANTATION FRONTIER BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR - Univ North Carolina -Brand New Softcover - 392pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Illustrated - $37.50
Baquet, Camille - HISTORY OF THE FIRST NEW JERSEY BRIGADE FROM 1861 TO 1865: KEARNY'S 1ST NEW JERSEY BRIGADE - Stan Clark - 515pp - Illustrated - Reprint of 1910 Original - Composed of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th and 15th New Jersey Regiments, this unit fought at 2nd Manassas, Gaines Mill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Cold harbor, Cedar Creek, Petersburg, Five Forks, Appomattox and other battles in the East - BRAND NEW Hardcover - $75
Barber, Flavel C./ Ferrell, Robert H. (Edt) - HOLDING THE LINE : THE THIRD TENNESSEE INFANTRY, 1861-1864 - Kent State Univ Pr - ISBN# 0873385047 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - 281pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Detailed Rosters - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32
(LetUsDie) Barefoot, Daniel W. - LET US DIE LIKE BRAVE MEN: BEHIND THE DYING WORDS OF CONFEDERATE WARRIORS - Blair Publishing - ISBN# 0895873117 - BRAND NEW Hardcover - 50 accounts of the last moments of Southern soldiers from General to Private - Publisher's List Price = $19.95 - Our Price - $18

Linda Barnickel - WE ENLISTED AS PATRIOTS: THE CIVIL WAR RECORD OF BATTERY "G" 2ND ILLINOIS LIGHT ARTILLERY - Heritage Books - 162pp - Indices - The DeKalb Horse Artillery was formed from men of 20 different Northern Illinois counties and was renamed Battery "G", 2nd Illinois Light Artillery. This unit saw service in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri and Alabama - Brand New Softcover - $20.50
John G. Barrett - THE CIVIL WAR IN NORTH CAROLINA - Univ North Carolina - 484pp - Softcover- Index - Maps - Photos - In Tall Cotton 7 - Publisher's List - $29.95 - Our Price - $26.95
John G. Barrett - SHERMAN'S MARCH THROUGH THE CAROLINAS - Univ North Carolina - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List - $25 - Our Price - $21.95
Bartels, Carolyn - THE BATTLE OF PILOT KNOB AS TOLD BY DR. SEYMORE CARPENTER, AN EYE-WITNESS AND PARTICIPANT 1864 - Two Trails Publishing - 41pp - Illustrated - Brand New Softcover - $25
Bartels, Carolyn - IOWA INFANTRY OF 1861-1865, FIRST THROUGH FOURTEENTH - Two Trails, 1995 - 50pp - Illustrated - Brief histories of 1st through 14th Iowa Infantry Regiments - Brand New Softcover - $45
Bartels, Carolyn - TRANS-MISSISSIPPI: MEN AT WAR - Vol 1 - Two Trails - 300pp - Fully Index and referenced - the definitive work on Missouri Confederates - other volumes to follow - Oversized Brand New - Softcover $30
William E. Barton - THE GREAT GOOD MAN - HOW THE BOY LINCOLNGREW TO MANHOOD AND ACHIEVED IMMORTALITY - Bobbs Merrill, 1927 -VERY GOOD Condition - minor fading to spine - Color Pastedown of Lincoln on Cover - Index - Illustrations - $10
William E. Barton - THE SOUL OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN -Univ Illinois Press - BRAND NEW Softcover - 407pp - Biblio - Index - reprint of 1920 Original - Publisher's List Price = $30.95 - Our Price - $28.95
Bassham, Ben L. - CONRAD WISE CHAPMAN : ARTIST & SOLDIER OF THE CONFEDERACY - Kent State Univ Pr - ISBN# 0873385934 - BRAND NEW Oversized Hardcover with a Dust Jacket - 328pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Illustrated - Extra shipping required for Overseas Shipment! -Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $37.95
Hamilton Basso - THE LIGHT INFANTRY BALL - Doubleday 1959 - 1st Edition - FINE Condition - Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - Novel about the Plantation South and the Civil War- $10
(Bates) David Bates - THE TELEGRAPH GOES TO WAR: THE PERSONAL DIARY OF DAVID HOMER BATES, LINCOLN'S TELEGRAPH OPERATOR - Schroeder Publishing - ISBN# 1889246549 - Brand New Softcover - 272pp - Illustrated - Photos - Edited by Donald Markle - The first time bates diary has been published in its entirety - $19.95

James C. Bates (9th Texas cavalry) - A TEXAS CAVALRY OFFICER'S CIVIL WAR: THE DIARY AND LETTERS OF JAMES C. BATES - LSU Press - 328pp - Softcover- Edited by Richard Lowe - Bates served in the 9th Texas Cavalry from 1861 to 1865 and fought in some of the most dramatic clashes of the war - Elkhorn Tavern, Corinth, Thompson's Station and Etowah River - College educated, he wrote a detailed diary of some of the war's most significant cavalry actions - Brand New - Publisher's List Price = $23.95 - Our Price - $21.95
Battle, Cullen Andrews - THIRD ALABAMA: THE CIVIL WAR MEMOIR OF BRIGADIER GENERAL CULLEN ANDREWS BATTLE, C.S.A.- Univ Alabama Press - 216pp - Edited by Brandon Beck - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $22.95 - Our Price - $20.95
Richard Baumgartner and Larry Strayer - ECHOES OF BATTLE: THE STRUGGLE FOR CHATTANOOGA - 484pp - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - 8 x 11 size - 465 Photos - Illustrations - 9 Maps - Notes - Biblio - Index - 450 original Union and Confederate narratives are used to examine in detail the battles of the Tullahoma, Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns - SIGNED by Rick Baumgartner - $125
Bayne, Julia Taft - TAD LINCOLN'S FATHER- Univ Nebraska - 89pp - Photos - Index - Brand New Softcover - $15.95
(Father Ryan) Beagle, Donald / Giemza, Bryan - POET OF THE LOST CAUSE - A LIFE OF FATHER RYAN - Univ Tennessee Press - ISBN# 9781572336063 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - Still in Publisher Shrinkwrap! Father Abram J. Ryan (1838-1886) held dual roles in the post-Civil War era: he was at once an architect of ascendant Lost Cause ideology and one of its leading icons. Among Southern sympathizers after the war, his celebrity placed him in a pantheon of Confederate figures that included Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Lee's surrender at Appomattox catapulted the then twenty-seven-year-old Catholic chaplain to regional and finally national fame. His verses, which investigated faith and propagated a romanticized view of the Southern cause, went through forty-seven editions by the 1930s, and Ryan himself became a near-mythical figure: the celebrated "Poet-Priest of the South." In his eulogy for Father Ryan, Hannis Taylor declared, "The lost cause became incarnate in the heart of Father Ryan, who cherished it as his forefathers had cherished the cause of Ireland." Ryan's deep involvement in a variety of causes-Southern, Catholic, and Irish-brought him into dialogue with cultural movements ranging from Fenianism and public school debates to sentimentalism and female religious orders. He also edited two influential postwar newspapers, and his writings made him familiar to figures ranging from Orestes Brownson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Jefferson Davis and John Mitchel. His posthumous influence extended to such writers as William Faulkner, Margaret Mitchell, O. Henry, and Flannery O'Connor. Praised by President William McKinley, who recited his favorite Father Ryan verses in the White House, and by Joseph Pulitzer, who made a bequest for a Ryan memorial, Ryan was well-loved by those who commemorated a nearly imagined antebellum South-so much so that the myth of Ryan sometimes rivaled the myth of the Old South. A lack of verifiable information about Father Ryan's life aided this mythologizing process. Biographical material lies scattered in archives around the nation and the world, and much is spurious or hagiographical, particularly concerning the nature of Ryan's military service, which has remained (until now) a mystery. The result of meticulous scholarship and decades of careful collecting to create a body of reliable information, this definitive, full-length biography of the enigmatic Confederate poet presents a close examination of the man behind the myth and separates Lost Cause legend from fact. - Publisher's List Price - $48.95 - Our Price - $44.95

W. G. Bean - STONEWALL'S MAN: SANDIE PENDLETON - Univ North Carolina - 272pp - Illustrations - Reprint of 1959 Classic - New Foreword by Robert Krick - Brand New Softcover - $25
Brandon Beck and Charles Grunder - THE FIRST BATTLE OF WINCHESTER: MAY 25, 1862 - Jackson's Valley Campaign - H. E. Howard, 1992 - ISBN# 1561900389 - AS NEW Condition - SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS & NUMBERED (#50 of 1000) - 1st Edition in Original Jacket - 111pp - Maps - Photos - Biblio - Index - $285
(John Brown) Beck, Janet Kemper - CREATING THE JOHN BROWN LEGEND - EMERSON, THOREAU, DOUGLASS, CHILD AND HIGGINSON IN DEFENSE OF THE RAID ON HARPERS FERRY- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786433452 -BRAND NEW Oversized Laminated Softcover - 206pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Illustrated - One of the triggering events of the Civil War helped divide a nation but also launched a cannonade of persuasive essays and propaganda. Early press reaction to John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry ranged from indignant horror in the South to stunned disbelief in the North. Brown's supporters wielded great power with their pens: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, and Lydia Maria Child. This book explores the moment when literature and history collided and literature rewrote history. This volume features 30 photographs, maps, proclamations and broadsides and a detailed timeline of events surrounding the raid - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32

(11thMO) Dennis W. Belcher - THE 11TH MISSOURI VOLUNTEER INFANTRY IN THE CIVIL WAR - A HISTORY AND ROSTER- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786448821 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 348pp - 91 photos, 14 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - The 11th Missouri Infantry distinguished itself as just the type of regiment the Union needed in the Civil War. Hard as nails and loyal to a fault, the men of the "Eagle Brigade" would follow their commanders "into hell if they ordered." They battled two Confederate regiments at Iuka, turned the tide at Battery Robinett at Corinth, assaulted the impossible Stockade Redan at Vicksburg as whole ranks of soldiers were cut down, and broke Hood's line at Nashville. Although the 11th Missouri ranks among the 300 top regiments of the Civil War, little of its history has been formally recorded. This study provides a detailed account of the regiment's four-and-a-half years of outstanding service and a roster - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $35

Belknap, William M. - HISTORY OF THE FIFTEENTH REGIMENT IOWA VETERAN VOLUNTEER INFANTRY FROM OCTOBER 1861 TO AUGUST 1865 WHEN DISBANDED AT THE END OF THE WAR - Keokuk 1887 - Scarce 1st Edition in Blue Decorated Cloth - VERY GOOD Condition with light wear to exterior edges - 644pp - Steel Engraved Portraits - Rosters with Roll of Survivors - The 15th Iowa fought at Shiloh, Corinth, Vicksburg, Atlanta and Bentonville - $595
Bell, Jack - CIVIL WAR HEAVY EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE : A GUIDE TO LARGE ARTILLERY PROJECTILES, TORPEDOES, AND MINES -U niv of North Texas Press - ISBN# 1574411632 - BRAND NEW Oversized Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 537pp - Index - more than 360 projectiles with photos - This is the definitive guide to large caliber Union and Confederate Projectiles, Mines and Torpedoes- Publisher's List Price = $50 - Our Price - $45.95
Bell, John - CONFEDERATE SEADOG: JOHN TAYLOR WOOD IN WAR AND EXILE - McFarland Publishing - 168pp - Photos - Maps - Biblio - Index - Brand New Laminated Softcover - Wood served on the CSS Virginia and was Commanding Officer of the CSS Tallahassee - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32
Nimrod J. Bell - SOUTHERN RAILROAD MAN - Edited by James Ward - Northern Illinois Univ - Brand New Hardcover - Dust Jacket - $26.50
Bender, Robert P. - LIKE GRASS BEFORE THE SCYTHE: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SGT WILLIAM REMMEL, 121ST NEW YORK INFANTRY - Univ Alabama Press - ISBN# 9780817315528 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 177pp - Photos - Notes - Index - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $37
George Grenville Benedict - ARMY LIFE IN VIRGINIA : THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF GEORGE G. BENEDICT - Stackpole Books - Brand New Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - Edited by Eric Ward - Illustrated - Index - Maps - Biblio - Publisher's List Price = $26.95 - Our Price - $24
George Grenville Benedict - ARMY LIFE IN VIRGINIA - LETTERS FROM THE 12TH REGIMENT VERMONT VOLUMTEERS - VT Civil War Enterprises - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Green Cloth issued without jacket - 194pp - Photos - Facsimile reprint of 1895 Original - $30
Bennett, John D. - THE LONDON CONFEDERATES: THE OFFICIALS, CLERGY, BUSINESSMEN AND JOURNALISTS WHO BACKED THE AMERICAN SOUTH DURING THE CIVIL WAR - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786430567 -BRAND NEW Laminated Hardcover - 206pp - Photos - Notes - Biblio - Index - Appendices - Although the British government declared its neutrality during the American Civil War, London nevertheless became an important center of Confederate overseas operations. This work examines the extensive Confederate activities in London during the war, including diplomacy, propaganda, purchasing for the Army and Navy, spying, Cotton Loan, and various business associations; reflections of the Civil War in British art and literature; and the extent of British support for the South. Appendices cover London firms with Confederate links, pro Confederate publications, Confederate music published in London, the Southern lobby in Parliament, the Southern Independence Association, and the British Jackson Monumental Fund. The work also includes a chronology of events and a gazetteer of Confederate sites in London - Publisher's List Price = $55 - Our Price - $51
L. G. Bennett and William Haigh - HISTORY OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH REGIMENT ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS DURING THE WAR OF THE REBELLION - Prarie State - 808pp - Reprint of 1876 Original - Photos - Rosters - Brand New Hardcover - $48
Bennett, William. W. - THE GREAT REVIVAL IN THE SOUTHERN ARMIES- Sprinkle Pubs - Reprint - Previously issued as "A Narrative of the Great Revival Which Prevailed in the Southern Armies" - 428pp - Brand New Hardcover - $20
Benson, Berry - BERRY BENSON'S CIVIL WAR BOOK: MEMOIRS OF A CONFEDERATE SCOUT AND SHARPSHOOTER - Univ Georgia Press - BRAND NEW Softcover - 203pp - Edited by Susan Benson - $24.95
(Burning Rails) Bentley, William G. - BURNING RAILS AS WE PLEASED: THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF WILLIAM GARRIGUES BENTLEY, 104TH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786444922 -BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 238pp - Photos - Glossary - Biblio - Index - Edited by Barbara Bentley Smith and Nina Bentley Baker - William Garrigues Bentley chose to leave the safety of home and family at age 19 fight for the Union. He enlisted in the 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company G, in 1862 and served for three long years before being honorably discharged. His firsthand account details his day-to-day life as a soldier, the long marches around Kentucky, skirmishes with the Rebs, joining with Sherman's army in the Atlanta campaign then chasing Hood into Tennessee and fighting in the bloody battle at Franklin, and on to rejoin Sherman in the winter of 1865 for the final months of the Carolina campaign. This book--compiled from a collection of 142 of Bentley's newly discovered letters and other documents--not only is an important historical record but also offers an insight into the political thoughts and feelings of the time. The book includes a complete roster of the 104th Ohio - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $33.99

Benton, Cora Beach - HARD BREATHING DAYS: THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF CORA BEACH BENTON - Schroeder Publications - ISBN# 0972676600 -Brand New Hardcover - 503pp - Photos - Roster & Bios of 17th New York Light Artillery - Cora Beach benton wrote to her husband over 160 letters covering 3 years of the war - Publisher's List Price = $36 each - Our Price - $32
(Last) Bernstein, Steven - THE CONFEDERACY'S LAST NORTHERN OFFENSIVE - JUBAL EARLY, THE ARMY OF THE VALLEY AND THE RAID ON WASHINGTON- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786458615 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 224pp - Photos - Notes - Biblio - Index - Appendix - Maps - By spring 1864, the administration of Abraham Lincoln was in serious trouble, with mounting debt, low morale and eroding political support. As spring became summer, a force of Confederate troops led by Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early marched north through the Shenandoah Valley and crossed the Potomac as Washington, D.C., and Maryland lay nearly undefended. This Civil War history explores what could have been a decisive Confederate victory and the reasons Early's invasion of Maryland stalle. - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $33.95

Best, Isaac O. (121st NY) - HISTORY OF THE 121ST NEW YORK STATE INFANTRY (Upton's Regulars) - Butternut and Blue - Brand New Hardcover - 288pp - New Introduction- Added Photos - Roster - this unit served with the Sixth Corps from Antietam to Appomattox - capturing seven Confederate Flags and more prisoners than it had members - Reprint (Originally printed in 1921) (APS#12) - $35
Philosophers Best, Steven M. - WHEN PHILOSOPHERS WERE KINGS- Sunstone Press - ISBN# 0865343624 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - 358pp - Written by a Vietnam Veteran and retired Chiripractor, this author's first book details a historically acurate novel of two Wisconsin brothers caught up in the war and the sacrifices of their families back home - SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR at no extra cost. - $28.95

Bevens, William E. (1st Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A.) - REMINISCENCES OF A PRIVATE : WILLIAM E. BEVENS OF THE FIRST ARKANSAS INFANTRY, C.S.A. - Univ Arkansas Press - BRAND NEW Softcover - 282pp - Illustrated - Maps - Biblio - Notes - Roster - New Introduction by Daniel Sutherland - Eicher (CWB) says "...straightforwardly written without extensive embellishment and provides an account of service with the 1st Arkansas Infantry from Bull Run to the destruction of the Army of Tennessee at Nashville."- $22.50
R. S. Bevier - HISTORY OF THE FIRST AND SECOND MISSOURI CONFEDERATE BRIGADES - Two Trails, 1997 - Reprint of scarce 1876 original - 520pp - Illustrated - Index - Brand New Hardcover issued without jacket - Publisher's List Price = $36.95 - Our Price - $33
Ambrose Bierce - THE CIVIL WAR SHORT STORIES OF AMBROSE BIERCE - Univ Nebraska Press, 139pp, Edited by Ernest Jerome Hopkins - Brand New Softcover - $9.95
Joseph G. Bilby - REMEMBER FONTENOY! - Longstreet House - The 69th New York and the Irish Brigade in the American Civil War The first annotated history of this famous unit in 130 years. 269 pages and over 100 illustrations, including over 50 individual portraits and 11 flags.- Brand New - $28.00
Joseph G. Bilby - THREE ROUSING CHEERS: A HISTORY OF THE FIFTEENTH NEW JERSEY FROM FLEMINGTON TO APPOMATTOX - Longstreet House - Revised Edition - originally done in 1993 - Now Expanded - with over 140 Illustrations - Rosters - 453pp - Portraits of over 90 Unit Members - 20 Maps - Biblio - Brand New Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - Publisher's List Price = $42 - Our Price - $38
John D. Billings (10th Mass Artillery) - HARD TACK AND COFFEE - Heritage Books - Brand New Softcover - 428pp - Illustrated - *Union Book Shelf #9 - Reprint of scarce title that provides incredibly accurate insight into the camplife of the Civil War soldier - Nevins says "The best source for the army life and feelings of a Federal soldier; this delightfully written and humorously illustrated work has rightfully become a classic." - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.50
John D. Billings - THE HISTORY OF THE 10TH MASSACHUSETTS BATTERY OF LIGHT ARTILLERY IN THE WAR OF THE REBELLION 1862-1865 - Butternut and Blue - Reprint of 1881 title - 496pp - Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - Maps - 26 Portraits - Roster - Index - Based on the authors diary and letter collection. Nevins says of this "Among the top dozen unit histories pertaining to the Civil War." - UBS #8 - Brand New - $32.50
(Tennessee Brigade) Bishop, Randy - THE TENNESSEE BRIGADE: A HISTORY OF THE VOLUNTEERS OF THE ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781589807709 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 392pp - Photos - Notes - Biblio - Maps - Index - The Tennessee Brigade saw action at Seven Pines, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Spotsylvania. The brigade suffered the first casualty at Gettysburg and was the guiding unit during the assault on the Union position on the third day of the battle. The brigade survived Petersburg's trenches only to surrender a fraction of its once mighty ranks at Appomattox. This book thoroughly examines the exploits of this unit, using extensive research, first person accounts, and a previously unpublished diary - - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

(Kemtucky Battlefields) Bishop, Randy - KENTUCKY'S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS - A GUIDE TO THEIR HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781455616077 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 368pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Index - Photos - Maps - Though the Blue Grass State intended to remain neutral during the Civil War, it witnessed severe devastation and bloodshed between the years of 1861 and 1865. This volume details thirteen major battles that occurred in Kentucky and provides a description of each location's current condition. Author Randy Bishop emphasizes the importance of preserving these sites. - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

(Mississippi Battlefields) Bishop, Randy - MISSISSIPPI'S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS - A GUIDE TO THEIR HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781589808331 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 432pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Index - Photos - Maps - Between the years of 1862 and 1864, Mississippi was the site of such conflicts as the Battle of Corinth and the Siege of Vicksburg. This history book covers the fourteen major skirmishes that took place within the Magnolia State during the Civil War and offers a detailed description of each location's current state of preservation. The maintenance of these sites are necessary to memorialize the more than 80,000 forgotten men who fought in these battles.- Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

(Tennessee Battlefields) Bishop, Randy - TENNESSEE'S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS - A GUIDE TO THEIR HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781589807716 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 439pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Photos - Maps - From Fort Henry to Franklin, this history book recalls the thirty-eight major battles that took place between 1862 and 1864 in Tennessee.In addition to detailing the current condition of the sites, Randy Bishop provides an overview of such battles as Shiloh and Davis Bridge, which claimed the lives of nearly one thousand soldiers, while emphasizing the strategy employed in each skirmish - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

Robert C. Black III - THE RAILROADS OF THE CONFEDERACY - Univ North Carolina - Reprint of original with new foreword by Gary Gallagher - 400pp - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $30 - Our Price - $26.95
Susan Leigh Blackford and Charles Minor Blackford (2nd VA Cavalry) - LETTERS FROM LEE'S ARMY - Univ Nebraska Press - 328pp - Index - Introduction by Gordon C. Rhea - Charles Minor Blackford served in the 2nd Virginia Cavalry under Longstreet - Brand New Softcover - $18.95
W. W. Blackford, LtCol C.S.A. - WAR YEARS WITH JEB STUART - LSU Press - 322pp - One of the most sought after memoirs of service in Lee s Army of Northern Virginia - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $22.50 - Our Price - $20.95
Blackwell, Samuel M. - IN THE FIRST LINE OF BATTLE: THE 12TH ILLINOIS CAVALRY IN THE CIVIL WAR - Northern Illinois Univ - 225pp - Illustrated - Notes - Biblio - Index - Brand New Hardcover in Dust Jacket - Publisher's List Price = $38.50 - Our Price - $35.95
Blair, Jayne E. - THE ESSENTIAL CIVIL WAR: A HANDBOOK TO THE BATTLES, ARMIES, NAVIES AND COMMANDERS- McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786424729 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 309pp - Index - Biblio - Notes - Glossary - Charts - Publisher's List Price = $49.95 - Our Price - $47
THE HISTORY OF SLAVERY AND THE SLAVE TRADE. ANCIENT AND MODERN. THE FORMS OF SLAVERY THAT PREVAILED IN ANCIENT NATIONS, PARTICULARLY IN GREECE AND ROME. THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE AND THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF SLAVERY IN THE UNITED STATES - Blake, W. O. - Columbus, Ohio 1860 - FINE Condition in Embossed Black Leather with Gilt-Decorated Spine - 861pp - Marbled Endpapers - Numerous Steel Engravings - Clean and Tight Interior with Light Foxing - Protected in a New Mylar Cover - A detailed account of the origins of slavery in ancient history through the introduction of Christian slavery to North Africa, the African slave trade from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, the Middle Passage, and slavery in the West Indies to the nineteenth century. The book focuses a large portion to the modern American era of slavery which deals with issues of the government and the Constitution, focusing on the annexation of Texas, the Compromise of 1850, the Missouri Compromise, and Kansas - $550
Blanding, Stephen F. (3rd Mass Heavy Artillery) - IN THE DEFENCES OF WASHINGTON - Providence 1889 - 1st Edition - 54pp - FINE Condition - Presentation copy with Decorative Presentation Pastedown inside front board SIGNED by the Author and dated June 14, 1889 - $175
Blanton, DeAnne & Lauren Cook - THEY FOUGHT LIKE DEMONS: WOMEN SOLDIERS IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR - Louisiana State Univ - 277pp - Illustrated - Photos - Index - Brand New Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - Publisher's List Price = $32.95 each - Our Price - $29.95
Thomas M. Boaz - LIBBY PRISON AND BEYOND: A UNION STAFF OFFICER IN THE EAST, 1862-1865 - White Mane - 229pp - Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - Illustrations - Maps - Bibliography - Index - Details from the diary of Robert T. Cornwell of the 67th Pennsylvania Infantry - Brand New Hardcover - $24.95
Bond, Priscilla - A MARYLAND BRIDE IN THE DEEP SOUTH : THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF PRISCILLA BOND - LSU Press - -BRAND NEW Hardcover with a Dust Jacket - 384pp - Biblio - Index - Edited by Kimberly Harrison - A young newlywed from Baltimore endures the "strange land" of south Louisiana "They say I'm a Yankee but if wanting peace is Yankee then I am one. I am tired of Disunion of husband & wife." In 1858, nineteen-year-old Priscilla "Mittie" Munnikhuysen began a new diary that saw her marry, leave her family in the genteel Protestant seaboard culture of Chesapeake Bay, and take up residence with her wealthy husband, Howard Bond, in the frontier plantation society of Catholic south Louisiana. By 1865, Priscilla Bond had witnessed trials and disillusionments enough to fill a two-volume journal: her father-in-law's brutality toward his slaves; her husband's alleged ambush of Union soldiers and subsequent flight from home; the retaliatory burning of the family's sugar plantation in Houma; and the losses, horrors, and daily depredations of war. Published here for the first time, with extensive notes and a critical introduction by Kimberly Harrison, Bond's intimate writings illuminate the Civil War's impact on women, families, and individual identities. Occasionally Bond records her experiences for the benefit of later readers, but more often she uses her diary to carve a space and time for self-reflection, self-instruction, and self-persuasion. Nineteenth-century women's lives were defined by their relation to others as wife, mother, daughter, and sister and keeping a diary allowed Bond to claim time for herself. It served as a rhetorical tool that helped motivate her to conform to contemporary standards of "true womanhood," adapt to a harsh new environment, and survive the collapse of a civilization - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $41.95
(McClellan) BonekemperIII, Edward H. - MCCLELLAN AND FAILURE: A STUDY OF CIVIL WAR FEAR, INCOMPETENCE AND WORSE- McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786428946 -BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 212pp - Photos - llustrations - Maps - Notes - Biblio - Index - In the eyes of many historians, Union General George B. McClellan single-handedly did more damage to the Union war effort than any other individual including Confederate commander Robert E. Lee. McClellan's success in the Mexican War along with his prestigious position as president of the Eastern Division of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad had left him well positioned to enter the Union Army when hostilities began. Originally a major general in command of the Ohio Volunteers, McClellan attained the same rank in the regular Army three weeks after the beginning of the Civil War. Promoting his own ideas and career regardless of the consequences, McClellan spent his Civil War command defying his superiors and attempting to avoid battle, eventually becoming a thorn in the side of President Lincoln and the Union cause. Removed from command on November 5, 1862, McClellan's overly cautious attitude nevertheless permeated the Army of the Potomac for years. From West Point to Antietam, this volume examines his Army career. The main focus of the work is McClellan's Civil War service and the ways in which the man and his decisions affected the course of the war. The Union Army's invasion of northern Virginia, the Peninsula Campaign and the Second Battle of Bull Run are examined in detail with special emphasis on the roles which McClellan played or did not play. Through a combination of incompetence and paranoia, McClellan managed to throw away numerous chances at a Union victory and, consequently, a quicker end to the war. Excerpts from McClellan's orders and correspondence provide a contemporary picture and firsthand motives for his actions. An appendix examines the treatment given McClellan by various historians - Publisher's List Price = $35 -Our Price - $32.99

Belle Boyd - BELLE BOYD IN CAMP AND PRISON - LSU Press - New Introduction by Sharon Kennedy-Nolle - New Foreword by Drew Gilpin Faust - First published in 1865, Belle Boyd's memoir of her experiences as a Confederate spy has stood the test of time and interest. Belle first gained notoriety when she killed a Union soldier in her home in 1861. During the Federal occupations of the Shenandoah Valley, she mingled with the servicemen and, using her feminine wiles, obtained useful information for the Rebel cause. - 200 pp - Brand New Softcover - $22.95
Cyrus F. Boyd (15th and 34th Iowa) - THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF CYRUS F. BOYD, FIFTEENTH IOWA INFANTRY, 1861-1863 - LSU Press - Edited by Mildred Throne - New Introduction by Earl J. Hess - Revealing and realistic views of soldier life. A native of Warren County, Iowa, Boyd served a year and a half as an orderly sergeant with the 15th Iowa Infantry before becoming First Lieutenant in Company B of the 34th Iowa Infantry. Before his promotion, he was an intermediary between privates and company officers, a position that offered him unique opportunities to observe the attitudes and activities of both the unit leaders and their men. In this diary, the outspoken Boyd frankly expresses his opinions of his comrades and his commanders, candidly depicts camp life, and intricately details the gory events on the battlefield. - 152 pp - Illustrated - Map - Brand New Softcover -$19.95
Cyrus Townsend Brady - WASHINGTON AND LINCOLN - A COMPARISON, A CONTRAST AND A CONSEQUENCE: AN ADDRESS DELIVERED ON JUNE 18, 1904 - Philadelphia 1904 - 1st Edition - Limited Edition of only 50 Clothbound Copies of a total of 500 (450 in paper) - This is copy #42 of 50 and is SIGNED by Cyrus Brady - $175
Bradley, Mark L. - THIS ASTOUNDING CLOSE: THE ROAD TO BENNETT PLACE - Univ North Carolina - 432pp - Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - Details of end of war in North Carolina where Joe Johnston surrendered to Sherman - Illustrations - Maps - Notes - Index - Biblio - Brand New Hardcover - Publisher's List - $37.50 - Our Price - $34
Bradwell, Gordon (Private, 31st GA) - UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS: SOLDIER LIFE WITH GORDON BRADWELL AND THE 31ST GEORGIA - Mercer Univ Press - 288pp - Dust jacket - Edited by Pharris Deloach Johnson - Brand New Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32.95
Bragg, C. L. - DISTINCTION IN EVERY SERVICE: BRIGADIER GENERAL MARCELLUS A. STOVALL, C.S.A. - White Mane - 250pp - Brand New Hardcover in Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - Photos - Maps - Biblio - Index - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $27
Bragg, William Harris - - JOE BROWN'S ARMY: THE GEORGIA STATE LINE - Mercer Univ Press - 175pp - Index - Maps - Photos - Rosters - Brand New Softcover - $24.95
Brainard, Mary - CAMPAIGNS OF THE 146TH REGIMENT NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS - Schroeder Publications - 695pp - Reprint of Scarce 1915 Original - Dust Jacket - With Preface and Added Materials by Patrick Schroeder including - Index - 150 Photos and Complete Biographical Rosters - Brand New Hardcover - $49.95
Colonel Wesley Brainerd - BRIDGE BUILDING IN WARTIME - Univ Tennessee Press - Brand New Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 440pp - Illustrated - Edited by Ed Malles - Colonel Wesley Brainerd's memoir of the 50th New York Volunteer Engineers - Publisher's List Price = $46 - Our Price - $41.95
Brannon, Peter - - THE ORGANIZATION OF THE CONFEDERATE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT AT MONTGOMERY - Montgomery, 1960 - 166pp - Index - Photos - 1st Edition - Dust Jacket - AS NEW Condition - $95
Lucy Breckinridge - LUCY BRECKINRIDGE OF GROVE HILL: THE JOURNAL OF A VIRGINIA GIRL, 1862-1864 - Univ South Carolina - Memoirs of a high-spirited youth who wanted to escape wartime boredom - Edited by Mary D. Robertson - Brand New Softcover - $15.95
Bresnahan, James C. - REVISIONING THE CIVIL WAR : HISTORIANS ON COUNTERFACTUAL SCENARIOS- McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786423927 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 236pp - Photos - Maps - Notes - Biblio - Index - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32
David Brett (9th Mass Battery) - MY DEAR WIFE: THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF DAVID BRETT, UNION CANNONEER - Pioneer Press, 1964 - 1st Edition - in price clipped Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - 137pp - Index - Photos - Rosters - The 9th Mass Battery fought bravely at Gettysburg in hand-to-hand combat against the 21st Mississippi and went on to fight at Mine Run, Brandy Station, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg and Appomattox - $35
Brewer, James D. - TOM WORTHINGTON'S CIVIL WAR - McFarland Pub - 256pp - Worthington commanded the 46th Ohio Volunteers at Shiloh - vocal about Sherman's blunders, he was illegally court-martialed and dismissed from the Army - Photos - Illustrated - Maps - Biblio - Index - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $21.50
(Breathed) Bridges, David P. - FIGHTING WITH JEB STUART : MAJOR JAMES BREATHED AND THE CONFEDERATE HORSE ARTILLERY- BBB Inc - ISBN# 0977450805 -BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 392pp - SIGNED By the Author - Foreword by Civil War historian Eric J. Wittenberg, Introduction by Civil War historian Edward G. Longacre - James Breathed was a Maryland physician who signed up for the Confederate Army at age 22. He fought under J.E.B. Stuart in the Horse Artillery in 15 battles - Gen Lee called him "The Hardest Artillery Fighter the War Produced." - $32.95

Wiley Britton - THE UNION INDIAN BRIGADE IN THE CIVIL WAR - F. Hudson Pub., Kansas City 1922 - Scarce 1st Edition - VERY GOOD Condition - Clean and Tight - No previous ownership markings - 474pp - Index - plates - maps - Nevins calls this "A popularly written history of Indian soldiers and military events during the 1861-1864 campaigns in Missouri and Arkansas" - $225
(Lincoln) Broadwater, Robert P. - DID LINCOLN AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY CREATE THE CIVIL WAR? - AN ARGUMENT- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786433612 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 239pp - Photos - Illustrations - Biblio - Notes - Index - Appendices - The author seeks to challenge the long-held perceptions of the politics of the American Civil War. He argues that the war was fought not to preserve the Union or free the slaves but rather to establish the political power of the Republican Party within the federal government. The author argues further that Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party manipulated events to bring about the Civil War in the first place and used the war as a pretext for the establishment of the modern central government - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $42

(FairOaks) Broadwater, Robert P. - THE BATTLE OF FAIR OAKS - TURNING POINT OF MCCLELLAN'S PENINSULA CAMPAIGN- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786458783 -BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 219pp - photos, 4 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, and index - In the spring of 1862, Union Major General George B. McClellan's Army of the Potomac launched a bloody offensive up the Virginia Peninsula in an effort to capture the Confederate capital of Richmond. This study chronicles the pivotal but often overlooked turning point of the Peninsula Campaign--the Battle of Fair Oaks, also known as Seven Pines. At Fair Oaks, Confederate troops succeeded in driving back Union forces from the edge of Richmond before the Union troops stabilized their position. Though both sides claimed victory, the battle marked the end of the Union offensive. Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, and Winfield Scott Hancock all rose to national prominence for their roles at Fair Oaks, while McClellan saw his reputation ruined. In the end, the legacy of Fair Oaks is one of missed chances and faulty execution, ensuring the war would continue for nearly three more years - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $33.99

(Perryville) Broadwater, Robert P. - THE BATTLE OF PERRYVILLE, 1862 : CULMINATION OF THE FAILED KENTUCKY CAMPAIGN- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786460809 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 207pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Photos - In 1862, the South launched a campaign to bring the indecisive border state of Kentucky into the Confederacy. Full of blunders and missed opportunities, the campaign convinced the Kentuckians that the Confederacy was incapable of holding the state against determined Union forces. Among the disasters was the bloody battle of Perryville. Drawing on research in letters, diaries and regimental histories, this book tells the story of the South's ill-fated effort. The main focus is Perryville, where inexperience on both sides and the lack of cohesive Confederate action turned what could easily have been a Southern victory into1a disheartening retreat, forever relegating General Braxton Bragg to the annals of military mediocrity. Appendices include lists of Confederate and Union commands, strategic placements of the inexperienced regiments, and casualties. Photographs and an index are included. - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $33.99

Broadwater, Robert P. - CHICKAMAUGA, ANDERSONVILLE, FORT SUMTER AND GUARD DUTY AT HOME : FOUR CIVIL WAR DIARIES BY PENNSYLVANIA SOLDIERS - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786422211 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 213pp - Photos - Rosters - Biblio - Notes - Index - Covers Diaries of mem from the 6th Ohio Infantry, 2nd Penna Militia, 39th Illinois Infantry and 13th Penna cavalry - Publisher's List Price = $35 -Our Price - $33
Broadwater, Robert P. - CIVIL WAR MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENTS: A COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED RECORD - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786432233 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Library Binding issued without jacket - 351pp - Index - Photos - Appendices - In November 1861, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Townsend, adjutant general of the Army, sought to establish an award to motivate and inspire Northern soldiers in the aftermath of the early, morale-devastating defeats of the Civil War. The outcome of Townsend's brainstorm was the Congressional Medal of Honor. This reference book details and organizes information regarding the Civil War Medal of Honor and its recipients in an easily accessible, previously unemployed format. After a brief history of the medal, the book presents a traditional alphabetical list of medal recipients and details their acts of heroism. The work then organizes recipients by a variety of criteria including branch of service; regiment or naval ship assignment; place of action; act of heroism; state or country of nativity; age of recipient; and date of issuance. Also included is information about the first winners of the medal, the first recipients of multiple medals, posthumously awarded medals and civilian recipients - Publisher's List Price = $55 -Our Price - $51 - Softcover available at $21
(Thomas) Broadwater, Robert P. - GENERAL GEORGE H. THOMAS - A BIOGRAPHY OF THE UNION'S "ROCK OF CHICKAMAUGA"- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786438563 -BRAND NEW Laminated Full-Sized Softcover - 264pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Photos - Maps - One of the Civil War's most successful generals is heralded by military historians but never achieved the lasting fame of Grant, Lee, Jackson or Sherman. George Thomas's Southern birth, the ambition of fellow officers, and his action in the less-publicized Western Theater combined to keep him from attaining recognition. This comprehensive biography focuses on the military career that covered such battlegrounds as Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and Nashville, as well as the political maneuvers that kept Thomas out of the spotlight - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $35.95

William Brooke Rawle (3rd PA Cavalry) - THE RIGHT FLANK AT GETTYSBURG - Olde Soldier Books - BRAND NEW Softcover - 27pp - An account of the operations of Gregg's Cavalry. The author commanded the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry and gives detailed descriptions of the cavalry battle at Gettysburg. His narrative is presented from his view of the field and portions of the battle that he took part in - $10
Brooks, Richard Henry / Holland, Katherine (Editor) - KEEP ALL MY LETTERS : THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF RICHARD HENRY BROOKS, 51ST GEORGIA INFANTRY - Mercer Univ Press - ISBN# 0865548404 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in a Dust Jacket - 132pp - Index - Biblio - Photos - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.50
U. R. Brooks (6th S. Carolina Cavalry) - BUTLER AND HIS CAVALRY, 1861-1865 - Jim Fox Books - Reprint of 1911 title covers Butler in Hampton Legion, 2nd Cavalry and "Butler's Brigade" of the 4th, 5th and 6th S. Carolina Cavalry. Covers campaigns of 1864 and Carolinas Campaign of 1865 - 594pp - Brand New - Publisher's List Price = $31.95 - Our Price - $28.75
William E. Brooks - GRANT OF APPOMATTOX - Bobbs Merrill, 1942 - 1st Edition - FINE Condition - In Scarce chipped Dust Jacket (All Our DJs are protected in New Brodart DJ Covers) - 347pp - Photos - Index - Unopened pages - Inscribed by the Author - $85
Brown, G. Campbell - CAMPBELL BROWN'S CIVIL WAR: WITH EWELL AND THE ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA - LSU Press - Edited by Terry L. Jones - 448pp - Campbell served on Ewell's Staff during First and Second Manassas, Gettysburg, and under Johnston at Vicksburg. He was captured 3 days prior to Lee's surrender and served 3 months in Ft Warren Prison - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List Price - $29.95 - Our Price - $27.95
Kent Masterson Brown - RETREAT FROM GETTYSBURG : LEE, LOGISTICS, AND THE PENNSYLVANIA CAMPAIGN - Univ North Carolina - BRAND NEW Softcover - 534pp - Maps - Photos - Order of battle - Biblio - Notes - Index - Publisher's List - $28 - Our Price - $24.95
Brown, Leonard - AMERICAN PATRIOTISM OR MEMOIRS OF "COMMON MEN" - Camp Pope Bookshop - ISBN# 1929919034 - 598pp - Brand New Hardcover issued without jacket - Name Index - Reprint of 1869 Original - Collection of biographical sketches, letters and diaries of Iowa Civil War soldiers who died in service - Publisher's List Price = $40 - Our Price - $36
Brown, Peter A. (43rd VA Cavalry) - MOSBY'S FIGHTING PARSON: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAM CHAPMAN - Heritage Books - ISBN # 1585496685 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - 423pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $28.50
Brown, Russell K. - OUR CONNECTION WITH SAVANNAH : HISTORY OF THE 1ST BATTALION GEORGIA SHARPSHOOTERS1862-1865 - Mercer Univ Press - ISBN 0865549168 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - Maps - Photos - The 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters formed in Savannah during the spring and summer of 1862. Following the promotion of its first commanding officer, Major (later Brigadier General) Robert H. Anderson, leadership passed to Major Arthur Shaaf, a former U.S. army lieutenant from Maryland who had served with the 4th U.S. Infantry in Indian territory. Brown calls the creation of the 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters "an experiment once noble and harmful." Confederate companies were composed largely of men from the same community who were accustomed to "the comfortable companionship of their neighbors and friends." Although elite units had been successful in other armies, the idea of separating men from their home companies and regiments to form a special battalion met with a degree of resistance. Nonetheless, Anderson and Shaaf molded the 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters into a small force recognized for its efficiency at drill and bravery in battle. In all, no more than 360 officers and men served in the battalion's ranks (the maximum strength was 270 men during May 1863). The men of the battalion came from all over Georgia, but the unit considered Savannah its home city. The Sharpshooters first camped in the vicinity of the Georgia seaport where it aided in the defense of nearby Fort McAllister, located southwest of Savannah on the Great Ogeechee River. Later assigned to the brigade of General William H. T. Walker (the Walker-Wilson-Stevens-Jackson Georgia brigade), the battalion departed its home state and took part in the abortive effort to relieve Vicksburg, seeing action at Jackson, Mississippi in May and July 1863 - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.95
Walter Lee Brown - A LIFE OF ALBERT PIKE - Univ Arkansas - 648pp - Albert Pike was a figure of heroic proportions - Confederate General who led a force of Indians in the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. A school teacher, newspaperman, successful lawyer and talented Whig leader, he popularized the Masonic movement - Brand New - Publisher's List Price = $48 - Our Price - $43.20
Junius H. Browne - FOUR YEARS IN SECESSIA: ADVENTURES WITHIN AND BEYOND THE UNION LINES - Detroit 1866 - NEAR FINE Condition - Moderate Foxing - $75
William G. "Parson" Brownlow - SECESSIONISTS AND OTHER SCOUNDRELS: SELECTIONS FROM PARSON BROWNLOW'S BOOK - LSU Press - Edited by Stephen Ash - 144pp - Illustrated - Ash places excertps in context and examines the life of this East Tennessee Methodist preacher and newspaper editor, who refused to renounce his Union loyalty, and who was arrested, jailed and ultimately banished to the North - Brand New Softcover- $19.95
Brownlow, W. G. - SKETCHES OF THE RISE, PROGRESS AND DECLINE OF SECESSION WITH A NARRATIVE OF PERSONAL ADVENTURES AMONG THE REBELS (PARSON BROWNLOW'S BOOK)- Philadelphia 1862 - 1st Edition - FINE Condition - sunned spine with bright Stamped Title - 1862 Owner name/date on fep - 458pp with ads at rear - Nevins calls these "Fascinating experiences of an avowed biased Tennessee Unionist; revealing on conditions in East tennessee during the first two years of the war" - $125
Bryant, William O. - CAHABA PRISON AND THE SULTANA DISASTER- Univ Alabama Press - 192pp - the story of the Confederate POW camp where 5,000 Union soldiers were kept at the end of the civil war and the disaster of their would-be transport home - Brand New Softcover - $24.95
Buck, Lucy Rebecca - SHADOWS ON MY HEART : THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF LUCY REBECCA BUCK OF VIRGINIA - Univ Georgia Press - ISBN# 0820318523 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in New Brodart Cover) - 355pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - An 18 year old, living on a Virginia plantation, Lucy Buck started her diary on Christmas Day 1861 - Edited by Elizabeth R. Baer - Publisher's List Price = $51.95 - Our Price - $47.95
Buck, Paul H. - THE ROAD TO REUNION 1865 - 1900 - Little Brown, Boston 1937 - 1st Edition - in Red Cloth without jacket as originally issued - VERY GOOD Condition with previous owner bookplate and gift note on fep - 320pp - Index - $25
William J. & John P. Bull - MISSOURI BROTHERS IN GRAY - Camp Pope Bookshop, 1998 - Edited by Michael Banasik - These two brothers served in the 3rd Battery of Missouri Artillery with John later becoming an officer in MacDonald's Missouri Cavalry and later Newton's 5th Arkansas Cavalry. William's reminiscence, written in 1906, and now published here, along with letters of the two brothers provides first-hand accounts of the Civil War in the West. - 192pp - Maps - Appendices - Index - Brand New Softcover - $12.95
Bulloch, James D. - THE SECRET SERVICE OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES - New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1959 -Two Volume Set - FINE Condition in Blue Cloth in somewhat worn and faded slipcase - 919pp - $55
Bunch, Jack A. - MILITARY JUSTICE IN THE CONFEDERATE STATES ARMIES - White Mane - ISBN# 157249204X - Brand New Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $27
Bunch, Jack A. - ROSTER OF THE COURTS-MARTIAL IN THE CONFEDERATE STATES ARMIES - White Mane - ISBN# 1572492449 - Brand New Oversized Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $40 - Our Price - $36
Robert J. Burdette - THE DRUMS OF THE 47TH - Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis 1914 - 212pp - 1st Edition - 47th Illinois Unit History - FINE Condition - Bright Cover and Spine - Clean and Tight Interior - $175
(5thVTArty) (5thVTArty) (5thVTArty)
Burlingame, John K. - HISTORY OF THE FIFTH REGIMENT RHODE ISLAND HEAVY ARTILLERY DURING THREE YEARS AND A HALF OF SERVICE IN NORTH CAROLINA - JANUARY 1862 - JUNE 1865- Snow and Farnham, Providence RI 1892 - 1st Edition - VERY GOOD Condition in Dark Brown Cloth with 5th Rhode Island Artillery Emblem on Cover - This copy has evidence of a sticker on bottom of spine, but no evidence of being from a library - Clean and unblemished Interior - Professionally restored with new endpapers - 382pp - Rosters - Photos - Index - Union Bookshelf (UBS) # 206 - Frontis of Colonel Henry Sisson - 47 illustrations and portraits, including four maps (twofold-outs) - Protected by a clear acid-free mylar cover - $350

Burne, Lt Col Alfred H. - LEE, GRANT AND SHERMAN - A STUDY IN LEADERSHIP IN THE 1864-65 CAMPAIGN- Univ Kansas Press - ISBN# 0700610723 - BRAND NEW Hardcover (All books with dust jackets are Protected in New Brodart Covers) - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $27 - Available in Softcover for $25
Burns, William S.(Captain, Co. I) - RECOLLECTIONS OF THE FOURTH MISSOURI CAVALRY USA - 162pp - index - photos - a Morningside reprint - Brand New Hardcover - $20
(Gracie) Burton, John M. - GRACIE'S ALABAMNA VOLUNTEERS: THE HISTORY OF THE 59TH ALABAMA VOLUNTEER REGIMENT - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 1589801164 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 192pp - Maps - Illustrations - Rosters - The Fifty-ninth Alabama Volunteer Regiment, led by the New York-born Brig. Gen. Archibald Gracie, Jr., saw heavy action at Beans Station, Tennessee, and in Virginia at the battles of Richmond and Petersburg. It was one of the few Confederate regiments that lost more men to the musket than to disease during the Civil War. Quoting from authentic letters, the author describes the regiment's odyssey from its origins as Hilliard's Alabama Legion to its final days as part of the Army of Northern Virginia. Complete muster rolls are included. - $23

John Busey - THESE HONORED DEAD: THE UNION CASUALTIES AT GETTYSBURG - Longstreet House - 490pp - revised and expanded edition listing details of dead with place and date of death, burial info, enlistment data and family info - casualties are listed by state and regiment unit - Photos - Illustrations - Name Index - $30
John Busey and Dr. David Martin - REGIMENTAL STRENGTHS AND LOSSES AT GETTYSBURG - Longstreet House - Brand New Hardcover issued without jacket - Revised and corrected 4th edition of this highly respected study. Contains order of battle and strength information not available elsewhere. Detailed comparative strength and loss tables. 660 pages, and indices - New Tables and Charts - Publisher's List Price = $40 - Our Price - $38
(Casualties) Travis W. Busey and John W. Busey - UNION CASUALTIES AT GETTYSBURG - A COMPREHENSIVE RECORD- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786448005 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcovers - 3 Volume Set - Extra postage required - 1616pp - appendices, bibliography, index - This reference work chronicles and categorizes more than 23,000 Union casualties at Gettysburg by generals and staff and by state and unit. Thirteen appendices also cover information by brigade, division and corps; by engagements and skirmishes; by state; by burial at three cemeteries; and by hospitals. Casualty transports, incarceration records and civilian casualty lists are also included- Publisher's List Price = $125 - Our Price - $124.95

(NC Monuments) Butler, Douglas J. - NORTH CAROLINA CIVIL WAR MONUMENTS - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786468560 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 272pp - 137 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - Monuments honoring leaders and victorious armies have been raised throughout history. Following the American Civil War, however, this tradition expanded, and by the early twentieth century, the Confederate dead and surviving veterans, although defeated in battle, ranked among the world's most commemorated troops. This memorialization, described in North Carolina Civil War Monuments, evolved through a challenging and contentious process accomplished over decades. Prompted by the need to rebury wartime dead, memorialization, led by women, first expressed regional grief and mourning then expanded into a vital aspect of Southern memory. In North Carolina, 109 Civil War monuments--101 honoring Confederate troops and eight commemorating Union forces--were raised prior to the Civil War centennial. Photographs showcase each memorial while committee records, legal documents, and contemporaneous accounts are used to detail the difficult process through which these monuments were erected. Their design, location, and funding reflect not only the period's sculptural and cultural milieu but also reveal one state's evolving grief and the forging of public memory - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $33.95

Lindley S. Butler - PIRATES, PRIVATEERS, AND REBEL RAIDERS OF THE CAROLINA COAST - Univ North Carolina - 296pp - Illustrations - Maps - Notes - Index - Biblio - Brand New Softcover- Publisher's List - $23 - Our Price - $20.95
Samuel H. M. Byers (Major, 5th Iowa) - WITH FIRE AND SWORD - Camp Pope Bookshop - Reprint of 1911 Neale title - 203pp - Index - Byers served with the 5th Iowa and is credited with writing the poem "Sherman's March to The Sea" while in a Confederate prison following his capture at Missionary Ridge. The 5th Iowa served in Missouri, New Madrid, Iuka, Corinth, Raymond, Jackson, Champion Hill, Vicksburg and Missionary Ridge. In July 1864 this unit was merged into the 5th Iowa Cavalry. - Brand New - $20

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