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(Bully Boys) Richard Baumgartner - THE BULLY BOYS - IN CAMP AND COMBAT WITH THE 2ND OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY REGIMENT, 1861-1864 - Blue Acorn - ISBN# 1885033389 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - SIGNED BY Rick Baumgartner - 549pp - Index - Photos - Biblio - Notes - Wartime letters from 40 Ohio Soldiers - Hurriedly assembled within hours of President Abraham Lincoln's appeal for troops following the bombardment of Fort Sumter, the 2nd Ohio Volunteers embarked on a journey in April 1861 that profoundly altered most of their lives. Few, if any, realized then the enormous human and financial toll a civil war between North and South would demand, but after 40 months of hardship, privation and loss the cost was plainly evident to those fortunate enough to survive. The 2nd Ohio Infantry Regiment was among the very first to heed the call to arms and leave its home state for the scenes of conflict. Originally organized for three months' service, it saw fighting in Virginia at First Bull Run just one week before mustering out. Reorganized in the late summer of 1861, the 2nd Ohio experienced the real "rough side of war" during the next three years of arduous duty in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, participating in many notable campaigns and battles, including Ivy Mountain, Huntsville, Battle Creek, Perryville, Stones River, Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Rocky Face Ridge and Resaca. Along the way the regiment's travails and triumphs were recorded in letters from the front composed for private and public consumption back home. Camp life and combat naturally attracted much attention, but the citizen-soldiers also commented freely and frequently on topics ranging from politics and slavery to short rations, military bungling and red tape, and, of course, their Confederate counterparts. As the first book-length work ever published on this distinguished regiment, The Bully Boys addresses the 2nd Ohio's previous omission from Civil War literature with award-winning historian Richard A. Baumgartner's compilation of wartime letters written by nearly 40 of its members. Supplementing the correspondence are 75 photographs and illustrations, as well as informative excerpts gleaned from a heretofore unpublished memoir by Anson McCook, a scion of the Buckeye State's famous "fighting" McCook family, who rose in rank from company commander to the 2nd Ohio's colonelcy. Understandably proud of the soldiers with whom he served, McCook sincerely believed that "Better material could not be found anywhere on earth." - $34.95

(Kemtucky Battlefields) Bishop, Randy - KENTUCKY'S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS - A GUIDE TO THEIR HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781455616077 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 368pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Index - Photos - Maps - Though the Blue Grass State intended to remain neutral during the Civil War, it witnessed severe devastation and bloodshed between the years of 1861 and 1865. This volume details thirteen major battles that occurred in Kentucky and provides a description of each location's current condition. Author Randy Bishop emphasizes the importance of preserving these sites. - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

(Mississippi Battlefields) Bishop, Randy - MISSISSIPPI'S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS - A GUIDE TO THEIR HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781589808331 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 432pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Index - Photos - Maps - Between the years of 1862 and 1864, Mississippi was the site of such conflicts as the Battle of Corinth and the Siege of Vicksburg. This history book covers the fourteen major skirmishes that took place within the Magnolia State during the Civil War and offers a detailed description of each location's current state of preservation. The maintenance of these sites are necessary to memorialize the more than 80,000 forgotten men who fought in these battles.- Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

(Tennessee Battlefields) Bishop, Randy - TENNESSEE'S CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS - A GUIDE TO THEIR HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 9781589807716 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 439pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Photos - Maps - From Fort Henry to Franklin, this history book recalls the thirty-eight major battles that took place between 1862 and 1864 in Tennessee.In addition to detailing the current condition of the sites, Randy Bishop provides an overview of such battles as Shiloh and Davis Bridge, which claimed the lives of nearly one thousand soldiers, while emphasizing the strategy employed in each skirmish - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

Blake, W. O. - THE HISTORY OF SLAVERY AND THE SLAVE TRADE. ANCIENT AND MODERN. THE FORMS OF SLAVERY THAT PREVAILED IN ANCIENT NATIONS, PARTICULARLY IN GREECE AND ROME. THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE AND THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF SLAVERY IN THE UNITED STATES - Columbus, Ohio 1860 - FINE Condition in Embossed Black Leather with Gilt-Decorated Spine - 861pp - Marbled Endpapers - Numerous Steel Engravings - Clean and Tight Interior with Light Foxing - Protected in a New Mylar Cover - A detailed account of the origins of slavery in ancient history through the introduction of Christian slavery to North Africa, the African slave trade from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, the Middle Passage, and slavery in the West Indies to the nineteenth century. The book focuses a large portion to the modern American era of slavery which deals with issues of the government and the Constitution, focusing on the annexation of Texas, the Compromise of 1850, the Missouri Compromise, and Kansas - $550
(Lee at War) Bowden, Scott - ROBERT E. LEE AT WAR - VOL 1 - TRAGIC SECESSIONIST - Military History Press - ISBN# 9780985357221 -BRAND NEW Oversized Hardcover in Dust Jacket - Over 200 Pages - richly illustrated pages in full color printed on archival quality coated paper - marbled-style end sheets - multiple ribbon markers - rich foil application on both cover and dust jacket - lavish array of maps and illustrations - vintage photographs - Overseas shipment extra due to size/weight. - $75

(NC Monuments) Butler, Douglas J. - NORTH CAROLINA CIVIL WAR MONUMENTS - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786468560 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 272pp - 137 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - Monuments honoring leaders and victorious armies have been raised throughout history. Following the American Civil War, however, this tradition expanded, and by the early twentieth century, the Confederate dead and surviving veterans, although defeated in battle, ranked among the world's most commemorated troops. This memorialization, described in North Carolina Civil War Monuments, evolved through a challenging and contentious process accomplished over decades. Prompted by the need to rebury wartime dead, memorialization, led by women, first expressed regional grief and mourning then expanded into a vital aspect of Southern memory. In North Carolina, 109 Civil War monuments--101 honoring Confederate troops and eight commemorating Union forces--were raised prior to the Civil War centennial. Photographs showcase each memorial while committee records, legal documents, and contemporaneous accounts are used to detail the difficult process through which these monuments were erected. Their design, location, and funding reflect not only the period's sculptural and cultural milieu but also reveal one state's evolving grief and the forging of public memory - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $33.95

(28th NC) Casstevens, Frances H - THE 28TH NORTH CAROLINA INFANTRY : A CIVIL WAR HISTORY AND ROSTER - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786477135 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 315pp - 45 photos - maps - glossary - appendices - notes - bibliography - index - In April 1861, public opinion in North Carolina was divided between Union and secession supporters. It was only after President Lincoln issued his call to arms to subdue the rebel state of South Carolina that North Carolina seceded, primarily in protest of the order to fight her sister state. Beginning with a look at the prevailing atmosphere in North Carolina in the spring of 1861, this volume provides an in-depth history of one Confederate infantry regiment, the 28th North Carolina, which was comprised primarily of units from the central and southwestern parts of the state. It discusses the various battles in which the 28th North Carolina was involved, including Hanover Court House, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chapin's Farm and Appomattox. Special emphasis is placed on the thoughts and surviving accounts provided by those soldiers who witnessed firsthand the atrocities of war. Appendices contain (among other items) a chronology of the 28th North Carolina; a list of casualties among officers; a list of casualties in the 28th from 1862 through 1864; and the full text of letters from two members of the 28th, the Harding brothers- Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $29.65

(10th Minnesota) Eggleston, Michael A. - THE TENTH MINNESOTA VOLUNTEERS, 1862-1865 - A HISTORY OF ACTION IN THE SIOUX UPRISING AND THE CIVIL WAR, WITH A REGIMENTAL ROSTER- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786465934 -BRAND NEW Laminated Full-Sized Softcover - 238pp - 61 photos, 4 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - Detailed Rosters with notes about Discharge, Injury, Desertion, Promotion, etc. - The Civil War experience of the 10th Minnesota Volunteer Regiment resembles that of few other regiments. On the day the 10th Minnesota first mustered at Fort Snelling in August 1862, the Sioux Indian War broke out in western Minnesota. Soldiers who signed up to fight the Confederacy instead found themselves marching to defend the frontier and spending a year fighting two campaigns against the Sioux. When the 10th finally deployed south to fight the Confederate Army, it engaged in a series of skirmishes in the West, including battles at Tupelo and Nashville, and suffered many casualties. This chronicle merges the individual experiences of Union soldiers, Native Americans, and Confederates to offer a compelling, panoramic portrait of the 10th Minnesota during the Sioux Uprising and the Civil War, revealing the unwavering resolve of this remarkable regiment - Publisher's List Price = $40 - Our Price - $33.45

(Sharpshooters) Ellis Jr, Alden C. - THE MASSACHUSETTS ANDREW SHARPSHOOTERS - A CIVIL WAR HISTORY AND ROSTER- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786464890 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 276pp - 76 photos, glossary, notes, bibliography, index - Named for Massachusetts governor John Albion Andrew--who prevented these two companies from joining the nationalized Berdan's sharp-shooters so that their families could continue to receive state aid--the Andrew Sharpshooters often transferred from unit to unit as the need for their unique, long-range shooting skills changed. This first chronicle of the Massachusetts Andrew Sharpshooters details their day-to-day activities and their courageous service at Seven Pines, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and numerous other Civil War battles. Thorough historical and genealogical information on every man who served in the unit completes this study of these significant but overlooked foot soldiers..- Publisher's List Price = $40 - Our Price - $37

(Red River) Michael A. Forsyth - THE RED RIVER CAMPAIGN OF 1864 AND THE LOSS BY THE CONFEDERACY OF THE CIVIL WAR - McFarland Publishing - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 182pp - Illustrated - Maps - Biblio - Index - The Union Army's Red River Campaign began on March 12, 1864, with a two-pronged attack aimed at gaining control of Shreveport, Louisiana. It lasted until May 22, 1864, when, after suffering significant casualties, the Union army retreated to Simmesport, Louisiana. The campaign was an attempt to prevent Confederate alliance with the French in Mexico, deny supplies to Confederate forces, and secure vast quantities of Louisiana and Texas cotton for Northern mills. With this examination of Confederate leadership and how it affected the Red River Campaign, the author argues against the standard assumption that the campaign had no major effect on the outcome of the war. In fact, the South had and lost an excellent opportunity to inflict a decisive defeat that might have changed the course of history. With this campaign as an ideal example, the politics of military decision-making in general are also analyzed - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32.95

(McGee) Fox, Thomas - DRUMMER BOY WILLIE MCGEE, CIVIL WAR HERO AND FRAUD- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786432899 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - Foreword by Joseph Bilby - 267pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Photos - On December 7, 1864, just one week after the bloody battle of Franklin, Tennessee, William McGee, a drummer boy from Newark, New Jersey, was credited with leading a Federal force to a decisive victory over the Confederates in a clash just thirty miles from the carnage at Franklin. This 15-year-old Irish-American, on convalescent duty and acting as an orderly to General Lovell Rousseau, was recognized for the capture of two guns, several hundred prisoners, and the saving of Fortress Rosecrans in Murfreesboro from the famed Nathan Bedford Forrest. For his actions, young McGee would soon be awarded a Medal of Honor, written up in newspapers and books as a glorious New Jersey legend, be commissioned as a lieutenant in the United States Army at age 18, and then, inexplicably at the height of his notoriety, virtually disappear from history for more than 100 years. This is the story of a lost war hero, a man-child with the world at his feet, whose fall from grace is accelerated by fame, lies, alcohol, bigamy, and murder - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31

(Gettysburg) Girardi, Robert I. - GETTYSBURG IN ART AND ARTIFACTS - Crimson Books - ISBN# 9780984165223 - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - 1st Edition Printing - 128pp - Gettysburg in Art and Artifacts is a treasure trove about the Civil War's greatest battle. Here in full color the story of the battle is brought vividly to life. The narrative presents an overview of the battle, following the major action on a day by day basis and also highlighting the experiences of individual soldiers and participants of the battle. An account of the aftermath of the battle and its affect on the landscape and the town is also provided. President Abraham Lincoln's visit is discussed as is the commemoration of the battle as it passed into history. A separate section highlights the collections of the Gettysburg Museum in an interview with the curator. The artifacts, which are both witnesses to and participants of the battle, work side by side with images of the soldiers and leaders and photographs of the battlefield as it is today to bring life to the narrative. The story is enhanced and illustrated with thirty-five paintings from noted historical artist Keith Rocco, some published here for the first time. The combination of visual imagery with descriptive text provides a rich and multidimensional story, providing the reader not only with the narrative, but also with a visual window to the past. - Publisher's List Price = $24.95 - Our Price - $21.95 ALSO AVAILABLE IN HARDCOVER - $43.95

(Surviving Andersonville) Glennan, Edward - SURVIVING ANDERSONVILLE - ONE PRISONER'S RECOLLECTIONS OF THE CIVIL WAR'S MOST NOTORIOUS CAMP- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786473618 - BRAND NEW Laminated Full-Sized Softcover - Edited by David Ranzan - 224pp - 22 photos, notes, bibliography, index - This is a documentary work offering a first-person account of a Union soldier's daily adversity while a prisoner of war from 20 September 1863 to 4 June 1865. In 1891, while a patient at the Leavenworth National Home, Irish immigrant Edward Glennan began to write down his experiences in vivid detail, describing the months of malnutrition, exposure, disease and self-doubt. The first six months Glennan was incarcerated at Libby and Danville prisons in Virginia. On 20 March 1864, Glennan entered Camp Sumter, located near Andersonville, Georgia. He reminisced about the events of his eight-month captivity at Andersonville, such as the hanging of the Raider Six, escape tunnels, gambling, trading, ration wagons, and disease. Afflicted with scurvy, Glennan nearly lost his ability to walk. To increase his chances for survival, he skillfully befriended other prisoners, sharing resources acquired through trade, theft and trickery. His friends left him either by parole or death. On 14 November 1864, Glennan was transported from Andersonville to Camp Parole in Maryland; there he remained until his discharge on 4 June 1865..- Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $29.65

Goss, Elbridge Henry - THE LIFE OF COLONEL PAUL REVERE - WITH PORTRAITS, MANY ILLUSTRATIONS, FAC-SIMILIES, ETC. -Howard Spurr, Boston 1904/1906 - VERY GOOD Condition - Two Volume Set in Blue Cloth with Gilt Illustrated Covers - 689pp - Indexed - This set includes Original Signature of the Author dated Oct 24, 1887 on a clipped envelope with his notation below a handwritten copy of the 3rd Stanza of Longfellow's Famous Poem "Copied from the Original..." - The portion copied reads: Such was the word and such the deed, and the heart of the people says God-speed! And borne on the night=wind of the Past In the hour of panic men will hear The midnight message of Paul revere And the humping hoof=beat of his steed - $175
(BatteryG) Grandchamp, Robert - THE BOYS OF ADAMS' BATTERY G (Rhode Island) - THE CIVIL WAR THROUGH THE EYES OF A UNION LIGHT ARTILLERY UNIT - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786444731 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 301pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Rosters - Photos - Maps - Illustrations - Raised from Rhode Island farmers and millworkers in the autumn of 1861, the Union soldiers of First Rhode island Light Artillery - Battery G - fought in such bloody conflicts as Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, and Cedar Creek. At the storming of Petersburg on April 2, 1865, seven cannoneers were awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in the face of the enemy. This history captures the battlefield exploits of the "Boys of Hope" but also depicts camp life, emerging cannon technology, and the social backdrop of the Civil War- Publisher's List Price = $49.95 - Our Price - $44.95

(Civil War Ordnance) Gregory, Robert H. - CIVIL WAR ORDNANCE - AN INTRODUCTION- Potomac Publishing - ISBN# 9780983645306 - BRAND NEW Oversized Hardcover in High Quality Binding - SIGNED By The Author - 348pp - This is an impressive reference work in a very high quality binding - nicest binding we've seen for a long time and one that must have cost the author a considerable amount of money. The book is divided into four parts - Ordnance Department - Small Arms and Ammunition - Artillery and Ammunition - and Packing Boxes. Each Part consists of individual Chapters on such items as revolvers, carbines, canister, hand-grenades, and Confederate and Union Projectiles and Fuses. This is a thoroughly researched effort with tons of detailed photos and drawings as well as color plates. Probably a book that a researcher or collector should make a must for their library! - $95

Hall, Jasper Newton (113th Ohio) - AT DEATH'S DOOR - A YANKEE SOLDIER'S STORY OF SURVIVAL IN CONFEDERATE CAPTIVITY - Blue Acorn Press - ISBN# 9781885033376 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 143pp - Biblio - Index - photos - notes - Edited and SIGNED by Richard A. Baumgartner - Captured at Chicamauga, Sergeant Hall was a member of Company E of the 113th Ohio Infantry - he was a captive for some 585 days - making him one of the longest-held Union captives - he was held in Richmond, Danville and Andersonville - he weighed just 94 pounds when he was released in 1865 - Publisher's List - $21.95 - Our Price $19.95
(Protecting Lincoln) Hatch, Frederick - PROTECTING PRESIDENT LINCOLN - THE SECURITY EFFORT, THE THWARTED PLOTS AND THE DISASTER AT FORD'S THEATRE - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786463626 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 200pp - 81 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - From his election in November 1860 to his death in April 1865, Abraham Lincoln faced constant danger from those hostile to him and to the Union cause. Lincoln's enemies made four overt attempts on his life, including a Confederate partisan effort to infect him with yellow fever by sending a contaminated valise of clothing to the White House. Because Lincoln's life ended with John Wilkes Booth's assassination plot, the president's protection has come under extreme scrutiny, with many considering it flawed, inadequate, or completely lacking. By providing the first thorough exploration of the security surrounding Lincoln, this intriguing study offers new insight into this long-running issue. Detailing the dangers, real and uncertain, facing Lincoln and the unprecedented measures taken to protect his life and health, this work presents a fresh perspective on the presidency of the Great Emancipator - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $40

(Huger) Huger, Frank - COL. FRANK HUGER, C.S.A. - THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF A CONFEDERATE ARTILLERY OFFICER- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786463305 -BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 214pp - photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - Mostly cheerful and optimistic in tone, these missives include sketches of the battles in which Huger participated and fair and honest opinions of his superiors and fellow soldiers, including harsh criticism of generals Braxton Bragg and James Longstreet. Huger also declares his frustration with technical artillery problems and his appetite for the charms of young women at home. The colonel's correspondence offers insights into the day-to-day life of an artillery man in Virginia and Tennessee and reveals the trials and triumphs of one patriotic family during wartime. An informative introduction details his family background, his education at West Point, and his postwar career as a railroad executive - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $42.99

(124th New York) LaRocca, Charles J. - THE 124TH NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS IN THE CIVIL WAR - A HISTORY AND ROSTER- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786466979 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 406pp - 85 photos, 8 maps, notes, bibliography, index - The 124th New York State Volunteers were one of the great fighting regiments of the Civil War. The author has used letters, diary entries, and remembrances, much of it previously unpublished, to offer the reader a view of the war as the men in the ranks saw it. At Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, Petersburg, and many more battles, the "Orange Blossoms" earned a reputation for sacrifice and bravery--eloquently put into words by Private Henry Howell: As he lay wounded, he described the charge that broke the Confederate line at Spotsylvania--"everyone was borne irresistibly forward. There was no such thing as fail." The book has a roster of all who served in the regiment and numerous photos of individuals.- Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $42

(September Blood) Lowry, Terry - SEPTEMBER BLOOD - THE BATTLE OF CARNIFEX FERRY- Quarrier Press - ISBN# 9781891852787 -BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - SIGNED By the Author - 170pp - Maps - Notes - Photos - This is the definitive work on a battle where both sides claimed victory, but in reality neither side won. It is the story of the disorganization of the Confederate forces and the dogged persistence of the Union army. Filled with personal reflections by soldiers, detailed yet highly readable descriptions of the battle, plus maps & photos, this book brings Carnifex Ferry back to life. The highly sought after and rare book on the Battle of Carnifex Ferry, September Blood by Terry Lowry is available again, after being out of print for almost 25 years. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of this important early battle of the Civil War, Quarrier Press has reprinted a small number of this well-researched and highly entertaining book. The book has a new introduction by Terry Lowry and is full of maps, photos, drawings, and engravings - $25

(BrandyStation) McKinney, Joseph W. - BRANDY STATION, VIRGINIA, JUNE 9, 1863: THE LARGEST CAVALRY BATTLE OF THE CIVIL WAR - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786477234 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 331pp - Maps - Notes - Biblio - Index - Photos - Appendices - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $24.95

Monteiro, Aristides - WAR REMINISCENCES BY THE SURGEON OF MOSBY'S COMMAND - Waddey, Richmond 1890 - FINE Condition - SCARCE Hardcover in Butternut Boards - Protected in a Mylar Cover - Light wear/soiling to exterior - 236pp - Frontis of Monteiro - Photos Available - Expanded and revised 2nd printing with Errata Slip and 3 Added Chapters about the prison life of Southern captives - Nevins calls this "An excellent, unexaggerated narrative of life with the Confederacy's foremost partisan ranger; Dr Monteiro penned his recollections in the decade immediately following the war." This ships via UPS within the U.S.without any added charge. - $535

(Chasing Mosby) O'Neill, Robert F. - CHASING JEB STUART AND JOHN MOSBY - THE UNION CAVALRY IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA FROM SECOND MANASSAS TO GETTYSBURG - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786470853 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 328pp - 27 photos, 10 maps, appendix, notes, bibliography, index - This book is an operational and tactical study of cavalry operations in Northern Virginia from September 1862 to July 1863. It examines in detail John Mosby's first six months as a partisan, within the context of the larger threat to the Union capital posed by Jeb Stuart. Previous studies of Mosby's career are largely based on postwar memoirs. This narrative balances those accounts with previously unpublished official contemporary records left by the Union soldiers assigned to the defense of Washington, D.C. The formation of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade is fully documented, along with the exploits of the brigade in the months before George Custer took command. Largely forgotten events, such as Jeb Stuart's Christmas Raid, the fight at Fairfax Station during Stuart's ride to Gettysburg, as well as the vital role played by Union general Julius Stahel's cavalry division in the critical month of June 1863, are examined at length. - Publisher's List Price =$45 - Our Price - $41.95

(Wiregrass) Parrish, James W. - WIREGRASS TO APPOMATTOX - THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE 50TH GEORGIA INFANTRY REGIMENT, CSA - Angle Valley Press - ISBN# 9780971195073 -First Edition - 1st Printing - SIGNED By Author - BRAND NEW Hardcover in a Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - 404pp - Index - Photos - Maps - Biblio - Detailed Rosters - Wiregrass to Appomattox follows a regiment of Georgia confederates as they travel from the Wiregrass region to the seat of war in Virginia. The author, a great-great grandson of two of the regiment's soldiers, discovered numerous unpublished letters, diaries, and photos as he assembled this never-before-told-story. Come follow these men as they fight with Longstreet at bloody places like: South Mountain, Sharpsburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Cedar Creek, and Sailor's Creek. Hear their voices as they struggle for survival even while they worry about their wounded friends and their own families back home - $45

(Quantrill) Petersen, Paul R - QUANTRILL AT LAWRENCE - THE UNTOLD STORY- Pelican Publishing -ISBN# 9781589809093 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 383pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Photos - When William Clarke Quantrill raided Lawrence, Kansas, on August 21, 1863, a bloody massacre ensued.No account has given an objective viewpoint of the often misunderstood and incorrectly reported Raid on Lawrence until now. Seven chapters explore the details of the raid and its causes. Though Quantrill's troops were accused of murder and robbery, Petersen proves that the men directed their operations on militiamen. He also argues that Lawrence was a viable military target, because it was a station for Jayhawkers and a supply house - Publisher's List Price = $26.95 -Our Price - $23.95

(Western Deserts) Roe, Lewis - FROM WESTERN DESERTS TO CAROLINA SWAMPS- Univ New Mexico Press - ISBN# 9780826351425 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 280pp - Index - Biblio - Maps - Photos - Edited by John P. Wilson - While eyewitness accounts of the Civil War by enlisted men are uncommon, even scarcer are personal narratives from the Civil War in the West. These journals and letters were written by Lewis Roe, an Illinois farm boy who served in the 7th U.S. Infantry and the 50th Illinois Volunteer Infantry between 1860 and 1865. They offer details of an epic march from Fort Bridger, Wyoming, to New Mexico, a firsthand account of the Battle of Valverde (1862), and Roe's efforts to understand ongoing events as the country rushed toward the outbreak of hostilities. Later in the war, Roe documented the Union occupation of Rome, Georgia, and the battle of Allatoona, and left us a candid account of an enlisted man's experiences with Sherman's army on its March to the Sea and in the Carolinas Campaign. His relative objectivity and attention to everyday details make this valuable record a lively read - Publisher's List Price = $40 - Our Price - $36.95

(Perryville) Sanders, Stuart W. - PERRYVILLE UNDER FIRE - THE AFTERMATH OF KENTUCKY'S LARGEST CIVIL WAR BATTLE- History Press - ISBN# 9781609495671 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 160pp - Photos - Notes - Biblio - Index - The Battle of Perryville laid waste to more than just soldiers and their supplies. The commonwealth's largest combat engagement also took an immense toll on the community of Perryville and citizens in surrounding towns. After Confederates achieved a tactical victory, they were nonetheless forced to leave the area. With more than 7,500 casualties, the remaining Union soldiers were unprepared for the enormous tasks of burying the dead, caring for the wounded and rebuilding infrastructure. Instead, this arduous duty fell to the brave and battered locals. Stuart Sanders, former executive director of the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association, presents the first in-depth look at how the resilient residents dealt with the chaos of this bloody battle and how they rebuilt their town from the rubble left over - Publisher's List Price = $19.99 - Our Price - $16.99

(Confederate Underwater Warfare) Louis S. Schafer - CONFEDERATE UNDERWATER WARFARE - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY- McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786473885 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 212pp - photos, notes, bibliography, index - Though the Union Navy held a numerical advantage over its Confederate counterpart, the South's forces had one weapon that was not readily available to the North--underwater mines, known at the time as torpedoes. More Union ships were destroyed by torpedoes than by all other means combined. The South's superiority in underwater weaponry can be directly traced to an oceanographer named Matthew Fontaine Murray. Recognizing the South's limited capabilities, Murray persuaded its leaders to develop underwater weapons. This is the first detailed history ever of the South's development of both offensive and defensive underwater weaponry. Many photographs of salvaged Confederate mines are included. - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $22

(Timberclads) Smith, Myron J., Jr./ Cooling, Franklin (FRW) - THE TIMBERCLADS IN THE CIVIL WAR : THE LEXINGTON, CONESTOGA AND TYLER ON THE WESTERN WATERS - McFarland Pub - ISBN# 9780786477210 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 552pp - 106 photos, notes, bibliography, index - In the most detailed history of Union warships on the western waters of the Civil War, the author recounts the exploits of the timberclad ships Lexington, Tyler, and Conestoga. Converted to warships from commercial steamboats at the beginning of the conflict, the three formed the core of the North's Western Flotilla, later the Mississippi Squadron. The book focuses on the activities of these wooden warriors while providing context for the greater war, including accounts of their famous commanders, their roles in both large and small battles, ship-to-ship combat, and support for the armies of Gen. U.S. Grant and Gen. William T. Sherman.- Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $33.95

(Richardson) Stentiford, Barry M. - THE RICHARDSON LIGHT GUARD OF WAKEFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS - A TOWN MILITIA IN WAR AND PEACE, 1851-1975 - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786473489 - Brand New Laminated Softcover - 213pp - 44 photos, notes, bibliography, index - This book traces the history of the Richardson Light Guard of Wakefield, Massachusetts, from its origins in 1851 until its end in 1975. What had been an institution of community members and local elites passed to town, then state, and finally federal government. During the same period, Wakefield evolved from an agrarian town to a manufacturing town and finally to a bedroom suburb, ending the practice of a handful of local elites ruling the town unchallenged. Though the rise of the National Guard was generally positive, for some militia companies, inclusion in the National Guard weakened vital bonds with their communities. In the 19th century, the Richardson Light Guard thrived under generous patrons, a supportive town, and a relatively wealthy state government. After becoming part of the National Guard in 1916, the links with its home community steadily weakened, finally breaking during World War II. After the war, the National Guard company had few links to Wakefield and was reorganized out of existence in 1975 - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $36.95

Vidal, Gore - LINCOLN - Franklin Library, 1984 - AS NEW Condition - SIGNED by the author - Blue Full-Leather binding with Gilt Spine Lettering - Decorated Spine with Raised Bands - All Page Edges Gilt - Blue Ribbon Bookmark - Marbled Endpapers - Illustrated by Thomas Allen - This is the Limited First Edition printed for the Signed First Edition Society.- $145

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