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Washington's Crossing

WASHINGTON'S CROSSING - by David Hackett Fischer - Winner of the Pulitzer prize in History!

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(Muskets) Ahearn, Bill - MUSKETS OF THE REVOLUTION AND THE FRENCH & INDIAN WARS - Mowbray Publishing - BRAND NEW Oversized Laminated Hardcover - 248pp - Photos - Illustrated - Publisher's List Price =$49.95 - Our Price - $47.95

Alderman, Pat - THE OVERMOUNTAIN MEN: BATTLE OF KING'S MOUNTAIN - CUMBERLAND DECADE - STATE OF FRANKLIN - SOUTHWEST TERRITORY - Overmountain Press - ISBN # 093280716X - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - Reprint of 1970 original with added Index - 303PP - Illustrated - $45
Babits, Lawrence E. - A DEVIL OF A WHIPPING : THE BATTLE OF COWPENS - Univ North Carolina Press - ISBN# 0807824348 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 231pp - Index - Biblio - Index - Maps - Illustrations - The battle that inspired the movie "The Patriot" - Publisher's List Price =$18.95 - Our Price - $17.45
Babits, Lawrence E. - COWPENS BATTLEFIELD: A WALKING GUIDE - Overmountain Press - 74pp - BRAND NEW Softcover - $4.95
Bailey, De Witt - BRITISH MILITARY FLINTLOCK RIFLES 1740-1840 - Mowbray Publishing - 336pp - BRAND NEW Oversized Laminated Hardcover - Over 300 Photos - Illustrations - Publisher's List Price =$47.95 - Our Price - $43
Bailey, De Witt - PATTERN DATES FOR BRITISH ORDNANCE SMALL ARMS, 1718-1783 - Thomas Publishing - 116pp - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - Photos - Illustrations - $20
Barbour, R. L. - SOUTH CAROLINA'S REVOLUTIONARY WAR BATTLEFIELDS : A TOUR GUIDE - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 1589800087 - Brand New Softcover - 128pp - Index - Photos - Maps - Directions - $12.95
Barefoot, Daniel W. - TOURING NORTH CAROLINA'S REVOLUTIONARY WAR SITES - Blair Publishing - ISBN# 089587217X - Brand New Softcover - Photos - Maps - Detailed Directions for visiting - $21.95
Barefoot, Daniel W. - TOURING SOUTH CAROLINA'S REVOLUTIONARY WAR SITES - Blair Publishing - ISBN# 0895871823- Brand New Softcover - Photos - Maps - Detailed Directions for visiting - $19.95
Barthelmas, Della Gray - THE SIGNERS OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: A BIOGRAPHICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REFERENCE - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786417048 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 334pp - Index - Biblio - Illustrated - Publisher's List Price =$49.95 - Our Price - $47
Baule, Steven / Gilbert, Stephen - BRITISH ARMY OFFICERS WHO SERVED IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Heritage Books - ISBN# 078842470X - BRAND NEW Softcover - 198pp - Alphabetical Listing - Biblio - $20
Bearss, Ed - THE BATTLE OF COWPENS: A DOCUMENTED NARRATIVE AND TROOP MOVEMENT MAPS - Overmountain Press - 58pp - Brand New Softcover - $6.95
Benninghoff II, Herman - THE BRILLIANCE OF YORKTOWN: A MARCH OF HISTORY - Thomas Publishing - ISBN # 1577471237 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 224pp - Notes - Biblio - Illustrations - $19.85
Benninghoff II, Herman - VALLEY FORGE: A GENESIS FOR COMMAND AND CONTROL, CONTINENTAL ARMY STYLE - Thomas Publishing -212pp - BRAND NEW Softcover - An in-depth study of Command and Control in the Continental Army with TOAs - $16.95
Betts Jr, William W. - BOMBARDIER JOHN HARRIS AND THE RIVERS OF THE REVOLUTION - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788433792 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 422pp - Index - For almost the entire duration of the American Revolution, Bombardier John Harris of Salem, New Jersey, served in the rebel artillery forces. His animated recollections, carefully preserved by his descendants, tell of his participation in six major battles, countless skirmishes, two river campaigns, and the recovery of Philadelphia. The young artilleryman served one of the two cannon bombarding the Chew Mansion, he suffered Valley Forge, he was with Sullivan on the Susquehanna, and with George Rogers Clark in the disastrous expedition down the Ohio. He enjoyed associations with many of the most prominent figures of the Revolution. His life after the war, on two islands of the Delaware River, is here too. All of this, and much more, comes to life in this latest chronicle of the War for Independence. This book includes seventy-six impressive images of battle scenes, of officers, and of Indians. Two appendices are attached: "The Truth about Molly Pitcher" and "Lafayette Returns." Copious notes, filled with a wealth of valuable information, are provided. An index to full names, subjects and places augments the text - Publisher's List Price = $41 - Our Price - $38.50
Boyd, Thomas - MAD ANTHONY WAYNE - New York, Scribners 1929 - FINE Condition - 1st Edition in Blue Boards with Gilt Image on Cover - Clean and Tight with Solid Hinges - Untrimmed pages - 341pp - Index - Frontis portrait of General Wayne who fought at the battle of Fallen Timber - $65
Boyle, Joseph - FIRE CAKE AND WATER : THE CONNECTICUT INFANTRY AT THE VALLEY FORGE ENCAMPMENT- Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806349131 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 232PP - While the six-month encampment of the Continental Army at Valley Forge in 1777-1778 has been part of America's folklore for generations," author Joseph Boyle writes in his Introduction, "most of the men who served there have remained anonymous. The names of over 30,000 men of all ranks appear on the surviving monthly muster and payroll records. This compilation is the initial effort to recognize some of these heroes of the Revolutionary War. The author strips away legend from fact in recounting the dreadful encampment of Washington's army at Valley Forge that began in December 1777 and ended in June of the following year. It is here that we learn how fate conspired to move a number of Connecticut regiments from the Hudson Highlands of New York to the environs of Philadelphia, as well as what would become of them after Valley Forge. The heart of the volume, of course, consists of an alphabetical list of some 4,000 Connecticut soldiers abstracted from Revolutionary War muster and pay rolls at the National Archives. Each patriot is identified by name, rank, date and term of enlistment or commission, name of regiment and company, and a variety of supporting details, such as date of furlough or discharge, when wounded, when and where promoted, etc. In support of the abstracts the author has prepared a detailed glossary of terms found in the rosters, an explanatory list of locations referred to in the entries, and a lengthy, up-to-date bibliography on the topic.- $26.45
Boyle, Joseph Lee - FROM REDCOAT TO REBEL: THE THOMAS SULLIVAN JOURNAL - Heritage Books - Sullivan enlisted in the British Army in 1775 and came over to the Americans in 1778 - he fought at Bunker Hill, Long Island, New York, Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine and Trenton - 244pp - Illustrated - Notes - Full Name Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $23 - Our Price - $21
Boyle, Joseph Lee - MY LAST SHIFT BETWIXT US & DEATH: THE EPHRAIM BLAINE LETTERBOOK, 1777-1778 - Heritage Books - An inside look at the Revolutionary War Commissaries and the struggle to feed, arm, and cloth the Continental Army - Blaine was responsible for supplying the soldiers at Valley Forge and Wilmington - 244pp - Full Name and Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $24 - Our Price - $22
Boyle, Joseph Lee - WRITINGS FROM THE VALLEY FORGE ENCAMPMENT OF THE CONTINENTAL ARMY, DECEMBER 19, 1777 - JUNE 19, 1778 - Heritage Books - 3 Volumes of original letters and documents (with original spelling and punctuation) - 175pp, 182pp and 170pp - Full Name Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $60 - Our Price - $54
Branch, Paul - FORT MACON : A HISTORY - Nautical & Aviation Publishing - ISBN# 1877853453 - BRAND NEW Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $26.95
Brandow, John Henry - THE STORY OF OLD SARATOGA: THE BURGOYNE CAMPAIGN, TO WHICH IS ADDED NEW YORK'S SHARE IN THE REVOLUTION - Heritage Books - 528pp - Fold-Out Maps - Illustrated - Full Name and Subject Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $38.50 - Our Price - $34
(AmGenerals) Broadwater, Robert P. - AMERICAN GENERALS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786469055 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 214pp - 49 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - At the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775, the colonies faced the daunting task of creating the first American army, and its requisite leadership, capable of combating a global superpower whose standing army and generalship were among the finest in the world. Built largely from state and local militias, the colonial army performed surprisingly well and produced a number of fine generals. Some were experienced before the war, like George Washington of the Virginia Militia and the British-born Horatio Gates, while others were as green as the soldiers they led. This book presents basic biographical information about America's first generals in the Revolutionary War. Included are all generals of the Continental Army, along with those commissioned in the colonies' militias. Drawn from primary sources, including death and census records, records of the Continental Congress, and contemporary writings, each biographical sketch provides date and place of birth, prewar education and occupation, wartime service, date and place of death, and place of burial. Portraits of each general are included where available, and appendices display important statistics, including comparative ages; occupations; officers lost by death, resignation, murder or changing loyalty; and states or countries of origin. - Publisher's List Price =$25 - Our Price - $21

Brown, Lloyd A. / Howard H. Peckham. - REVOLUTIONARY WAR JOURNALS OF HENRY DEARBORN, 1775-1783 - Heritage Books - BRAND NEW CD Rom - Henry Dearborn served as an officer in the American Revolution from April, 1775, until the reduction of the New Hampshire line on March 1, 1783. He fought at Bunker Hill and marched on the expedition to Quebec. He was active in the Burgoyne campaign, and joined Washington at Valley Forege. He attached with the advance division at Monmouth and did garrison duty in Connecticut. In 1779, he marched on the expedition under Sullivan against the Indians, then re-joined Washington and took part in the Yorktown campaign. Dearborn kept a journal during the entire war, with the exception of a six-month period in 1782 when he was engaged in a special mission that took him away from the army. The six parts in this volume constitutes one of the few complete, eye-witness accounts of the American side of the Revolution. These are the complete journals of Henry Dearborn, which were transcribed and printed exactly as he wrote them, insofar as is possible to type. His punctuation, spelling, abbreviations, run on sentences have all been retained, with the occasional brackets supplying missing letters and punctuation to facilitate reading. Arranged chronologically, each journal is introduced separately to supply the background of the campaign or operation in which Dearborn was engaged. Also included are a biographical sketch, many useful annotations, 3 maps, a name and place index, and a bibliography. Henry Dearborn's impersonal and objective style coupled with the advantages of his rank, which enabled him to learn the movements and objectives of the Army and produce one of the most engaging first-hand accounts of the American Revolution. The book is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the work just as it was originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. There is no electronic index, and there is no electronic text to search. However, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. Image numbers will match the page numbers for all of the main text, as well as the index. Any unnumbered portraits and illustrations are at the back of the actual file, to keep page numbering consistent - $14.50
Bunnell, Paul J. - NEW LOYALIST INDEX- Heritage Books - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $38.50 - Our Price - $34.50
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - ANSBACK DIARIES FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR- Heritage Books - Available on CD Rom #0862 - Includes Hessian Diary of the American Revolutionary War, A Hessian Officer's Diary and Diaries of Two Ansback Jaegers - Publisher's List Price = $30 - Our Price - $27
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - DEFEAT, DISASTER AND DEDICATION - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788407155 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 142pp - Index - Diaries of Lt Jakob Piel and Capt Andreas Wiederhold of Rall's Brigade - $18
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - DIARIES OF TWO ANSBACK JAEGERS - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788406558 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 166pp - Index - $20 (ALSO AVAILABLE ON CD ROM)
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - ENEMY VIEWS : THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR AS RECORDED BY THE HESSIAN PARTICIPANTS - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788405632 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 616pp - Index - Publisher's List Price = $48.50 - Our Price - $44
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - GEORG PAUSCH'S JOURNAL AND REPORTS OF THE CAMPAIGN IN AMERICA - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788405314 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 148pp - Index - From the German manuscript at the Morristown Archives - $19.50 (CURRENT OUT OF STOCK - WAITING FOR REPRINT)
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - HESSIAN CHAPLAINS: THEIR DIARIES AND DUTIES- Heritage Books - Brand New Softcover - Translated and compiled by Burgoyne - 156pp with Index - $20
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - HESSIAN LETTERS AND JOURNALS AND A MEMOIR- Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788438425 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 214pp - Index - In 1776, Johannes Maurer, a surgeon in the Treumbach Regiment, wrote a long multi-part letter describing the confusion during the boarding of transport ships at the mouth of the Weser River. Christian von Molitor's letter describes the land, animals, temperatures and other conditions experienced by the Hessian soldiers in and around New York in 1777. Molitor also kept a journal and told of the dangers and experiences of the ocean crossing the Hessians faced as they sailed to America to fight for the British. Johann Heinrich Henkelmann's letter describes something of his life in Nova Scotia after he married an American. The unauthenticated Recknagel diary gives a version of the Battle of Rhode Island. The memoir by Carl Steuernagel recalls his experiences in America in the Waldeck Regiment from 1776 until 1783. Curiously, this memoir also includes an interesting paper written by an Indian chief to the governor of Nova Scotia - $18.95
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - JOURNAL OF A HESSIAN GRENADIER BATTALION- Heritage Books - ISBN 0788431579 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 216 pp - Index - Six German states furnished troops to Britain to serve in America during the Revolutionary War. Those states were Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Hanau, Brunswick, Waldeck, Ansbach-Bayreuth, and Anhalt-Zerbst. By far the largest contingent was provided by Hesse-Cassel, and all the troops were commonly called Hessians. This translation was made from a copy of the Platte Grenadier Battalion Journal in the Lidgerwood Collection at the Morristown National Historical Park in Morristown, New Jersey. Mr. Burgoyne has inserted additional identifying information about individuals whenever possible. As was the custom with most Hessian units, the journal was maintained by the battalion quartermaster, in this case Karl Bauer. Besides descriptions of the movements and battles of the troops, there are many entries describing the long sea voyages endured by these foreign fighters - Publisher's List Price = $27 - Our Price - $25.99
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - JOURNAL OF THE HESSE-CASSEL JAEGER CORPS AND HANS KONZE'S LIST OF JAEGER OFFICERS- Heritage Books - ISBN 078842565X - BRAND NEW Softcover - 208pp - Publisher's List Price = $27 - Our Price - $24.95
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - WALDECK SOLDIERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR- Heritage Books - Available on the Hessian Collection CD Rom #1123 - Also includes Canada During the American revolutionary War, 18th Century America-A Hessian report, and They Also Served-Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries - $23
Burgoyne, Bruce E. - WALDECK SOLDIERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR- Heritage Books -ISBN# 1556134800 - BRAND NEW Softcover - index - 218 pp - Of all the Hessian units employed by England during the American Revolutionary War, none traveled more widely than the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment. This contingent of men served in the New York-New Jersey area, West Florida, and the Mississippi River area. They were held prisoner at various times in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Some deserters joined the American army and served under George Roger Clark in the Illinois country. In addition, the unit traveled to Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, and Nova Scotia. This book contains brief biographies of every man who served from the eighteenth-century German principality of Waldeck as members of the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment. There were 1225 men in the unit of which 470 have been identified as native Waldeckers. Of the total, about 500 returned to Waldeck after the war, 250 stayed in the New World as deserters or after being released from the regiment, and the others died in America, primarily of disease. These alphabetically arranged "mini-bios" contain the following information when available: birth date and place; year of travel to America; area traveled in America; highest rank attained; number of years of previous military service; whether the soldier was killed, died, deserted, remained in America, or returned to Germany. Personal information includes when available the soldier's height, parents' names, father's occupation, the soldier's occupation, religion, baptism and/or confirmation date, wife's maiden name and where she was from, and number of children. Also included are a brief history and organization of the regiment; a chronology of the events in which the regiment was involved; a list of alternate spellings of names; an index of names which differ from soldiers' surnames; bibliography; and maps of Pensacola, Florida, the New York area, and Waldeck - $25.95
Burgoyne, Bruce / Burgoyne, Marie - NOTES FROM THE BRITISH MUSEUM: THE HESSIANS - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788424874 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 306pp - Index - Publisher's List Price = $27.50 - Our Price - $25
Callahan, Edward W.- LIST OF OFFICERS OF THE NAVY OF THE UNITED STATES AND OF THE MARINE CORPS FROM 1775 TO 1900 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 1585498815 - BRAND NEW Softcover - This work contains, in alphabetical order, the names of all officers of the navy and marine corps, commissioned, warranted and appointed, including volunteer officers who have entered the service since the establishment of the navy department in 1798, showing the dates of their original entry, progressive rank, and the manner in which those no longer in the service severed their connection from it. The data has been compiled from the original manuscript records of the navy department and from the official navy registers, issued semi-annually by the department. The volume also contains a list of all midshipmen, cadet engineers and naval cadets who have entered the Naval Academy since its establishment, arranged alphabetically by classes through the year 1900. A sketch of the navy from 1775 to 1798, with a register of the officers in service between those dates, as well as a complete and carefully revised list of vessels of the United States Navy from its inception to the present time, form a valuable feature of the work - Publisher's List Price = $48 - Our Price - $43
Campbell, James Wall Schureman - DIGEST AND REVISION OF STRYKER'S OFFICERS AND MEN OF NEW JERSEY IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR who were eligible to membership in The Society of the Cincinnati - Heritage Books - ISBN# 1556130333 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 58pp - This volume contains the "Roster of the New Jersey Officers of the Continental Line, Army of the Revolution, Who Were Eligible to Membership in the Society of the Cincinnati;" and the "Roster of the New Jersey Officers of the Continental Line, Army of the Revolution, Who Died in the Service, or Before the Society Was Organized." The rosters are arranged by rank in descending order, with officers listed alphabetically by surname within their rank. In addition to name and rank, the rosters usually indicate the names of commanding officers; names or designation of military unit; and rank attained. Many records also contain notations indicating whether the officer was wounded, killed, or taken prisoner; and date of discharge or date of death. A copy of the warrant signed at Princeton, New Jersey, September 23, 1783; a list of members of the Society of the Cincinnati in 1788; and a full name index add to the value of this work - $10 (Also available on CD Rom for $14.50)
Candler, Allen D. - REVOLUTIONARY RECORDS OF GEORGIA - VOLUMES 1-3 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788424068 - BRAND NEW Book on CD Rom - Contains: "Revolutionary Records of Georgia Volumes 1-3 - Allen D. Candler (1908). Volume I (1769-1782) contains information about the Council of Safety, Provincial Congress, Constitution of 1777, confiscation and banishment, etc. Volume II (1778-1785) discusses the Minutes of Executive Council and Journal of Land Court. Volume III (1781-1784) speaks about the Journal of the House of Assembly. Each volume contains a full name index. "History of Georgia Volumes 1-2 - Charles C. Jones, Jr., LL. D. (1883). Volume I contains the aboriginal and colonial epochs and Volume II holds the revolutionary epoch. Full name indices have been included - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $28
(Bradley) Carpenter, Dorr Bradley - STEPHEN R. BRADLEY - LETTERS OF A REVOLUTIONARY WAR PATRIOT AND VERMONT SENATOR - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786433582 - BRAND NEW Full-Size Laminated Softcover - 442pp - Index - Biblio - Stephen R. Bradley was a Revolutionary War commander and U.S. Senator credited with writing the Twelfth Amendment and advocating a banning of the slave trade. This collection of Bradley's letters and personal papers provides a range of rare and significant material. This previously unpublished correspondence with presidents and the country's founders reflect Bradley's influence and diversity of interests as well as the political and cultural climate of the era. The book features transcriptions of 550 letters, 25 illustrations, and a catalog of Bradley's documents - Publisher's List Price =$49.95 - Our Price - $44.95

Cecere, Mike - CAPTAIN THOMAS POSEY AND THE 7TH VIRGINIA REGIMENT - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788435841 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 170pp - The 7th Virginia Regiment was one of six additional battalions raised in the colony in early 1776. It played a prominent role in driving Lord Dunmore and his loyalist forces off of Gwynn's Island and out of Virginia. Captain Thomas Posey commanded a rifle company in the 7th regiment and chronicled the engagement in his journal. It is also through Posey's experience-detached with his rifle company to Daniel Morgan's rifle corps-that we see the 7th Virginia's contribution at Saratoga, Whitemarsh, Valley Forge, and the New York frontier. In 1779, Major Posey participated in the successful night assault of Stony Point. The rest of the 7th Virginia saw action of its own at Brandywine, Germantown, Whitemarsh, Monmouth, and Charleston, where it surrendered with the bulk of the Virginia continental line. Posey was not with the 7th Virginia at Charleston so he continued to serve until the end of the war in Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina. In 1782, he led the vanguard of General Nathaniel Greene's army into Charleston. In 1783, after seven distinguished years of service, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Posey resigned his commission and returned to private life - Publisher's List Price =$22.50 - Our Price - $21.50
(Useful) Cecere, Mike - THEY ARE INDEED A VERY USEFUL CORPS - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788441418 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 230pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Maps - Rosters - The story of America's riflemen in the Revolutionary War begins with their formation in 1775. First person accounts of their recruitment, long march, and encampment at Boston, introduce readers to the flamboyant and sometimes unruly nature of riflemen. Gripping eyewitness accounts of Benedict Arnold's march and attack on Quebec and of the battles of Long Island, Harlem Heights, Throg's Neck, Fort Washington, Trenton, Princeton, and Brandywine, highlight the unique abilities of riflemen and their important role in the war. Nowhere is this role more evident than in the American victory at Saratoga. First hand accounts of the battle provide a detailed image of the fight and the crucial part Daniel Morgan's riflemen played. The importance of riflemen is also evident in their service on the frontier of New York and in the southern battles of King's Mountain and Cowpens, all of which are chronicled by participants. The numerous primary accounts of riflemen in the war help readers better understand and appreciate the service of these men and may cause them to conclude, as General Washington did in 1776, that the riflemen "are indeed a very useful corps." - Publisher's List Price =$30 - Our Price - $28

Cecere, Mike - THEY BEHAVED LIKE SOLDIERS: CAPTAIN JOHN CHILTON AND THE THIRD VIRGINIA REGIMENT 1775-1778 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788424793 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 135pp - Index - Biblio - Maps - $18.50
Clark, Murtie J. - COLONIAL SOLDIERS OF THE SOUTH, 1732-1774 - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806310367 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in blue cloth - issued without jacket - 1246pp - The American colonies were organized into military defense districts, for no regular army existed to protect settlers from marauders or from rebellion within. On alarm, colonists formed militia companies from their own ranks to go to the scene of action. When the emergency ended, these trained bands retired. Records of these companies exist, but those of the South are widely scattered. After a thorough investigation of a wide variety of source materials, Mrs. Clark has organized them into a logical and convenient form - $59.95 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK ON THIS - PLEASE INQUIRE)
Clements, S. Eugene & F. Edward Wright- THE MARYLAND MILITIA IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Heritage Books - BRAND NEW Softcover - 351pp - Index - Rosters (Including Rosters by County)- Publisher's List Price = $26 - Our Price - $24.50
Clifford, Mary Louise - FROM SLAVERY TO FREETOWN : BLACK LOYALISTS AFTER THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786406151 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $36
Collins, David R. - CASIMIR PULASKI : SOLDIER ON HORSEBACK - Pelican Publishing - ISBN# 1565540824 - BRAND NEW Hardcover - $14.95
Connecticut Historical Society Staff - ROLLS & LISTS OF CONNECTICUT IN THE REVOLUTION - Heritage Books - BRAND NEW CD Rom - Includes 4 original texts from the Historical Society - including ROLLS AND LISTS OF CONN. IN THE REVOLUTION, LISTS AND RETURNS OF CONN. MEN IN THE REVOLUTION 1776-1783, ROLLS OF CONN. MEN IN THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR VOL 1 AND VOL 2 - CD#1360 - Publisher's List Price = $28.50 - Our Price - $26
Corrado, Gary - THE BLACK HUSSARS: A BRIEF AND CONCISE HISTORY OF FREDERICK DIEMAR'S HUSSARS- Heritage Books - ISBN# 078843540X - BRAND NEW Softcover - 48pp - Captain Diemar's Troop of Hussars was raised in 1779. This unit was composed mainly of escaped German prisoners of war from the various Brunswick regiments that had accompanied Burgoyne at Saratoga. Having made their way back to New York without their officers, these men had become somewhat unruly but were well suited for service in a unique independent hussar troop. Hussars were cavalry troops who dressed lightly, traveled quickly on fast horses and could inflict a devastating blow on the enemy at just the right moment during battle - $9
Cowart, Samuel C. - ADDRESS, BATTLE OF MONMOUTH AND POEM, PATRIOT SIRES OF MONMOUTH - Longstreet House - ISBN# 094413501 - Brand New Softcover - 32pp - Illustrated - Reprint of Scarce historic account of the battle given at Old Tennent Church in 1914 - $8
(Army) Cubbison, Douglas R. - THE AMERICAN NORTHERN THEATER ARMY IN 1776 - THE RUIN AND RECONSTRUCTION OF THE CONTINENTAL FORCE - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786445646 -BRAND NEW Full-Size Laminated Softcover 316pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Illustrated - The American War for Independence was under way before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but the Continental Army didn't have the force to back up the words. This history explores the army's early failures in Canada, with desertion and disease common among the ranks, and how new leadership disciplined and reorganized the army and set the stage for a key victory at Saratoga in 1777.- Publisher's List Price =$45 - Our Price - $42.95

(Cubbison) Cubbison, Douglas R. - THE ARTILLERY NEVER GAINED MORE HONOUR - THE BRITISH ARTILLERY IN THE 1776 VALCOUR ISLAND AND 1777 SARATOGA CAMPAIGNS - Purple Mountain Press - ISBN# 9781930098831 - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - 198pp - Maps - Photos - Notes - Biblio - Index - This illustrated history highlights the efforts and contributions of the British Corps of Artillery in the Valcour Island campaign of 1776 and the Saratoga Campaign of 1777, recounting the participation by both the British Royal Artillery and that of the Hesse Hanau Artillery, who served as hired allies of the British. It focuses on the tactical, logistical, and command functions of the Royal Artillery by making considerable use of primary sources, many of them utilized for the first time in this study. It concludes with a detailed examination of the British artillery pieces used during this campaign and makes an effort to identify the current location of all documented Saratoga artillery pieces. The author is currently employed as the command historian for the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum.- Publisher's List Price = $19 - Our Price - $18

Custis, George Washington Parke - RECOLLECTIONS AND PRIVATE MEMOIRS OF WASHINGTON - Sprinkle Publications - ISBN# 1928596037 - BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - Reprint of Original - 644pp - Publisher's List Price = $39 - Our Price - $36
Dacquino, V. T. - SYBIL LUDINGTON : THE CALL TO ARMS - Purple Mountain Press - ISBN# 193009809X -BRAND NEW Softcover - 104pp - Biblio - Maps - Illustrations -$15
Davis, Robert S. - GEORGIA CITIZEN AND SOLDIERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION- Southern Historical Press - ISBN# 0893081698 - BRAND NEW Hardcover - 266pp - More than 1,700 citizens, 1,000 Patriot soldiers, and 800 Loyalists are included in this volume. Also, records of many Virginians who served in Georgia Continentals; of members of South Carolina Continental units in Georgia; and some South Carolina Loyalists are also included. This book will be a MUST for those looking for Revolutionary War service for a Georgia ancestor since the D.A.R. no longer accepts the undocumented records from McCall's three volumes on Georgia Revolutionary War soldiers and only small portions from Lucian Lamar Knight's volume on Georgia in the Revolution. - $32.45
Delaplaine, Edward S. - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FRANCIS SCOTT KEY - Sprinkle Publications - Reprint of Original - BRAND NEW Hardcover - 544pp - Publisher's List Price = $36 - Our Price - $33
DeMond, Robert O. - THE LOYALISTS IN NORTH CAROLINA DURING THE REVOLUTION - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806308397 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 286pp - Indexed - Until the publication of this book there was little recognition of North Carolina's outstanding contribution to the Loyalist cause during the Revolution. This is somewhat surprising since North Carolina probably had a greater number of Loyalists in proportion to its population than did any other colony. DeMond's groundbreaking work in this area of Revolutionary studies brings together all the available source material and identifies great numbers of these heretofore little known Loyalists. To the genealogist the Appendices in the back of the book will doubtless hold the greatest interest, for herein are found (1) lists of soldiers and civilians who supported the Crown throughout the Revolution; (2) lists of Loyalists who suffered land confiscation; (3) lists of Loyalists who made application to Great Britain for compensation for loss of office or property; and (4) lists of North Carolina Loyalists who received pensions from Great Britain. This definitive work leaves little to speculation concerning the history or genealogy of Loyalists in North Carolina - $29
Diamant, Lincoln - DEFENDING THE HUDSON IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Purple Mountain Press - BRAND NEW Softcover - 48pp - $10
Diamant, Lincoln - YANKEE DOODLE DAYS : EXPLORING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Purple Mountain Press - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jackets - 178pp - Index - Biblio - $24.95
Dixon, Max - THE WATAUGANS - Overmountain Press - ISBN# 093280747X -BRAND NEW Softcover - 80pp - Index - Illustrations - $9.95
Dobson, David - SCOTTISH SOLDIERS IN COLONIAL AMERICA - PART ONE AND PART TWO - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 080634718X -BRAND NEW Softcover - 63pp - For this book, Scottish emigration authority David Dobson identified over a thousand Scottish solders in colonial America. The list of soldiers is arranged alphabetically and, while the descriptions vary widely, the researcher will discover some or all of the following information in each one: soldier's name, rank, military unit, date(s) and campaign(s) of service, place of birth, when arrived in North America, civilian occupation, date and place of death, and the source of the information. Because the Highlanders found here offer potential links between the New and Old Worlds, this ground-breaking book will be welcomed by all students of Scottish genealogy - $12.45
Dohla, Johann Conrad - HESSIAN DIARY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Univ Oklahoma Press - ISBN# 0806125306 -BRAND NEW Softcover - $19.95
(Loyalists) Dornfest, Walter T. - MILITARY LOYALISTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - OFFICERS AND REGIMENTS, 1775-1783 - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786448159 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 524pp - glossary, appendix, notes, bibliography, index - This book focuses not only on those officers residing within the borders of the 13 rebellious American colonies, but also on those of the Canadian command and the officers serving in the Caribbean Basin. Part One lists officers alphabetically, including each officer's dates of birth and death, his home and station in life at the outbreak of war, and his family relationships, along with his years of service, military rank and other relevant notes on his military career. Part Two includes brief descriptions of Loyalist military organizations, arranged into four geographical groupings indicating command authority. - Publisher's List Price =$125 - Our Price - $115

(Henry Know) Drew, Bernard A. - HENRY KNOX AND THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR TRAIL IN WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786462766 - BRAND NEW Full-Size Laminated Softcover - 348pp - 42 photos, 3 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - During the winter of 1776, in one of the most amazing logistical feats of the Revolutionary War, Henry Knox and his teamsters transported cannons from Fort Ticonderoga through the sparsely populated Berkshires to Boston to help drive British forces from the city. This history documents Knox's precise route--dubbed the Henry Knox Trail--and chronicles the evolution of an ordinary Indian path into a fur corridor, a settlement trail, and eventually a war road. By recounting the growth of this important but under appreciated thoroughfare, this study offers critical insight into a vital Revolutionary supply route - Publisher's List Price =$55 - Our Price - $51

(Redcoats) Dunkerly, Robert M. - REDCOATS ON THE CAPE FEAR - THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR IN SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786469581 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - Revised Edition - 215pp - 22 photos, 6 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - Nestled on the banks of the Cape Fear River, Wilmington, North Carolina, remains famous as a blockade-running port during the Civil War. Not as renowned is the city's equally vital role during the Revolution. Through the port came news, essential supplies, and critical materials for the Continental Army. Both sides contended for the city and both sides occupied it at different times. Its merchant-based economy created a hotbed of dissension over issues of trade and taxes before the Revolution, and the presence of numerous Loyalists among Whigs vying for independence generated considerable tension among civilians. Based on more than 100 eyewitness accounts and other primary sources, this volume chronicles the fascinating story of Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear during the Revolution.. - Publisher's List Price =$45 - Our Price - $41.95

Edgar, Gregory T. - CAMPAIGN OF 1776 : THE ROAD TO TRENTON - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788401858 - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $32.50 - Our Price - $29
Edgar, Gregory T. - LIBERTY OR DEATH! THE NORTHERN CAMPAIGNS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Heritage Books - 397pp - Biblio - Map - Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $34 - Our Price - $31
Fanning, Nathaniel - FANNING'S NARRATIVE: THE MEMOIRS OF NATHANIEL FANNING. AN OFFICER OF THE AMERICAN NAVY 1778-1783 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788423347 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 232pp with added Index - The earliest account of the war at sea with the British - Includes a biographical sketch of John Paul Jones - Publisher's List Price = $23 - Our Price - $21
(Miracle) Ferling, John - ALMOST A MIRACLE : THE AMERICAN VICTORY IN THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE - Oxford Univ Press - ISBN# 9780195382921-BRAND NEW Softcover- 679pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Illustrations - Maps - Extra Postage for Overseas Orders Due to Size! - Almost a Miracle offers an illuminating portrait of America's triumph, offering vivid descriptions of all the major engagements, from the first shots fired on Lexington Green to the surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown, revealing how these battles often hinged on intangibles such as leadership under fire, heroism, good fortune, blunders, tenacity, and surprise. The author paints sharp-eyed portraits of the key figures in the war, including General Washington and other American officers and civilian leaders. Some do not always measure up to their iconic reputations, including Washington himself. Others, such as the quirky, acerbic Charles Lee, are seen in a much better light than usual. The book also examines the many faceless men who soldiered, often for years on end, braving untold dangers and enduring abounding miseries. The author explains why they served and sacrificed, and sees them as the forgotten heroes who won American independence. Ferling's narrative is also filled with compassion for the men who comprised the British army and who, like their American counterparts, struggled and died at an astonishing rate in this harsh war. Nor does Ferling ignore the naval war, describing dangerous patrols and grand and dazzling naval actions. Finally, Almost a Miracle takes readers inside the legislative chambers and plush offices of diplomats to reveal countless decisions that altered the course of this war. The story that unfolds is at times a tale of folly, at times one of appalling misinformation and confusion, and now and then one of insightful and dauntless statesmanship - Our Price - $19.95

Fisher, Carol B. Smith - REV. SETH NOBLE: A REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER'S PROMISE OF AMERICA AND THE FOUNDING OF BANGOR, MAINE AND COLUMBUS, OHIO - Heritage Books - ISBN 9780788450495 - BRAND NEW Softcover - Index - 222 pp - This is the comprehensive biography of Reverend Seth Noble famous preacher, patriot and pioneer founding father. With the discovery and transcription of one of Rev. Seth Noble's earliest sermons (1774), we find that he believed the American Revolution to be God's plan to bring a global reformation to the world. He firmly believed that America was God's true Promised Land. This early sermon preserves a place for Seth Noble in Revolutionary War history; he publicly preached American independence prior to our beloved Virginians: Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Throughout New England and Nova Scotia, his cry "Better die than Submit!" launched his Revolutionary War service. He braved treason and lived with a price on his head, all for his beliefs in "this glorious cause." After the war, the reality of forming a new nation brought hardships we cannot fully comprehend today. Included in this book, is a deposition clearly identifying a surprisingly well-known individual as a British spy, new information on Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware, the 1798 shipwreck of the Bangor-built schooner (Susannah) with a passenger list including the children of important Revolutionary War heroes, and a brief Noble genealogy. Seth Noble named Bangor for a popular Revolutionary War hymn tune; early sheet music and musical history of this tune is studied in depth. Seth Noble was also the first minister to Columbus, Ohio and researchers will appreciate the inclusion of Ohio land grants, maps, documents, and early history. Our early history is not dead nor is it completely in the past. It is a part of our American heritage that must be nurtured with continued understanding and appreciation for those who made our American dream possible. This book is a must have for those interested in early Maine, Ohio, and New Brunswick history; and indeed, for anyone interested in this time period of early American nation-building. An index to names, places and subjects completes this work - $23.95
FOUNDERS AND PATRIOTS OF AMERICA INDEX - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806312491 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 255pp - To qualify for membership in the National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America (NSDFP), one must possess a Founder ancestor who arrived in one of the colonies between May 13, 1607, and May 13, 1686, and a Patriot ancestor who rendered military service, civil service, or aid in establishing American Independence in the period 1775 to 1784. In 1975 the National Society published an index to its lineage records. From its founding until 1975, NSDFP published thirty-four volumes of lineage records (available at many libraries), encompassing the proven lineages of its membership. It should be pointed out that the volumes refer to a combined 9,275 Founders and Patriots. - $31.50
Fox, Ebenezer - THE ADVENTURES OF EBENEZER FOX IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR -Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788432052 - BRAND NEW Book on CD Rom - From his own hand comes the lively, spirited tale of Ebenezer Fox's life, from his meager beginnings in 1770 as a farmhand at age seven through the end of the American Revolution in 1783. This narrative details some remarkable incidents of the war and as such serves the dual role of entertainment and historical record as presented through personal experience - Publisher's List Price = $15.95 - Our Price - $14.50
Fox, Francis S. - SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY : THE ORDEAL OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA - Pennsylvania State Univ Pr - ISBN# 0271020628 -BRAND NEW Hardcover in a Dust Jacket - 212pp - Notes - Index - $51.95 (ALSO AVAILABLE IN SOFTCOVER - $33.95)
Freeman, H. Ronald - SAVANNAH UNDER SIEGE - THE BLOODIEST HOUR OF THE REVOLUTION - 2002, Freeport Pub - BRAND NEW Softcover - 172pp - Index - Biblio - Photos - SIGNED By the Author - $18
(Montgomery) Gabriel, Michael P. - MAJOR GENERAL RICHARD MONTGOMERY : THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN HERO - Fairleigh Dickinson Univ - ISBN# 0838639313 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Lightly Worn Dust Jacket - 277pp - Notes - Index - Biblio - $95

Godbold, E. Stanley / Woody, Robert H.- CHRISTOPHER GADSDEN AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Univ of Tennessee Pr - ISBN# 0870493639 - BRAND NEW Softcover - $26
Godfrey, Carlos - THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF'S GUARD: REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806305185 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 302pp - Over 350 officers and men formed the personal guard of General Washington, and the rosters and service records contained herein make this work a virtual Revolutionary War honor roll. The first part is a history of the Commander-in-Chief's Guard from its formation on March 11, 1776 to its dissolution on December 20, 1783. The second part contains the service records of the officers and men, alphabetically arranged, and includes basic information such as date and place of enlistment, rank, company, regiment, date transferred to the Guard, battles and skirmishes engaged in, and casualties incidental thereto - $37.95
Goldstein, Erik - THE SOCKET BAYONET IN THE BRITISH ARMY 1687-1783 - Mowbray Books - 136pp - Detailed Illustrations - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - $23
Greene, Gen. Nathanael - THE PAPERS OF GENERAL NATHANAEL GREENE - Univ North Carolina Press - BRAND NEW SOFTCOVERS - There are 13 Volumes to this series - each covers different time periods and is sold separately - Publisher's List Price = $75 - Our Price - $69.95
Greenman, Jeremiah - DIARY OF A COMMON SOLDIER IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1775-1783: AN ANNOTATED EDITION OF THE MILITARY JOURNAL OF JEREMIAH GREENMAN - Northern Illinois Univ - 377pp - Edited by Robert Bray and Paul Bushnell - BRAND NEW Softcover - $20
Hagist, Don N. - GENERAL ORDERS, RHODE ISLAND: DECEMBER 1776-JANUARY 1778- Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788418564 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 139pp - Index - $18.50
Haller, Stephen E. - WILLIAM WASHINGTON, CAVALRYMAN OF THE REVOLUTION - Heritage Books - Lt Col Washington was a counsin of george Washington and led decisive battles at Guilford Court House and Cowpens in the Carolinas Campaigns - 239pp - Illustrated - Maps - Full Name Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $28 - Our Price - $25
Hamilton, T. M. - COLONIAL FRONTIER GUNS - Pioneer Press - BRAND NEW Softcover - 176pp - Illustrated - Appendix - Index - Chronology of Fur Trade - $17.50
Hannings, Bud - AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR LEADERS: A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786443796 -BRAND NEW Oversized Laminated Hardcover - 552pp - Indexed - Photos - This massive biographical reference work covers both well-known and obscure figures from a variety of backgrounds including soldiers, politicians, plantation owners, farmers, and more. Information is included for officers of the Continental Army, Navy, and Marines; leaders of state militias, for whom much information has been previously inaccessible; the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and its framers; diplomats and governors; and, importantly, the women who were instrumental during the Revolution. Entries describe each individual from birth to death and provide genealogical information when available. Overseas shipping extra due to size! - Publisher's List Price =$125 - Our Price - $120
Francis Heitman - HISTORICAL REGISTER OF THE OFFICERS OF THE CONTINENTAL ARMY DURING THE WAR OF THE REVOLUTION - APRIL 1775 TO DECEMBER 1783 - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806301767 - BRAND NEW Softcover - Reprint of the 1914 original - 700pp - Extensive coverage of officers and others who served and details of their service - Alphabetical list of officers as well as state listings - Numbers of troops furnished - Chronological listing of Battles - $49.85
Held, Robert - THE BELTON SYSTEMS, 1758 AND 1784-86, AMERICA'S FIRST REPEATING FIREARMS - Mowbray Books - 93pp - Detailed Illustrations - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - $20
Henry, W. W. - PATRICK HENRY, LIFE, CORRESPONDENCE AND SPEECHES - Sprinkle Publications - BRAND NEW Hardcover - Reprint of Original - 3 Volume Set in Handsome red Cloth with Gilt Decorated Covers - Extra Shipping on this to cover actual cost! - Publisher's List Price = $120 - Our Price - $110
Hicks, Maj. James E. - NOTES ON U.S. ORDNANCE - VOLUME II - 1776-1941 - Pioneer Press - Reprint - 252pp - Fully Illustrated - From small arms of the revolutionary War to Browning's BAR - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - $12
HISTORICAL STATEMENTS CONCERNING THE BATTLE OF KINGS MOUNTAIN AND THE BATTLE OF COWPENS SOUTH CAROLINA - Washington 1928 - 70th Congress - House Document #328 - 91pp - Fold-Out Maps of Battles - 1st Edition - FINE Condition - Bright in Dark Blue Boards - $95
Horry, Brig Gen P. & Parson M. L. Weems - THE LIFE OF GENERAL FRANCIS MARION - Blair Publishing - BRAND NEW Softcover - 240pp - $9.95
Jacobus, Donald Lines - REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS OF FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806317493 - BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - 533pp - Covering hundreds of Revolutionary War veterans of Fairfield, Connecticut, this book contains abstracts of pension records that were originally on file at the old Pension Bureau in Washington, D.C., including soldiers' and widows' applications, bounty land warrants, and rejected pension applications. Packed with information--much of it deriving from affidavits provided by friends and relatives in support of the veteran's application for a pension--the abstracts include some or all of the following data: name of pension applicant, place and date of birth, age, dates of enlistment and discharge, service record (sometimes very detailed but always interesting), place of residence before and after service, distinguishing characteristics, name of spouse, date of marriage, names of children, and names of parents and other family members. Technological advances notwithstanding, nowhere else can the researcher find so much information so quickly on Fairfield's Revolutionary War pensioners - $59.95
Johnson, Clint - COLONIAL AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - THE BEST 25 SITES - Greenline Publishing - ISBN# 097660132x - BRAND NEW Softcover - SIGNED By the Author - 264pp Maps - Photos - Index - Site Hours, Directions and Phone Numbers - $19.95
Johnston, Ross B. - WEST VIRGINIANS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806307625 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 320pp - $29.45
Jones, E. Alfred - THE LOYALISTS OF NEW JERSEY: THEIR MEMORIALS, PETITIONS, CLAIMS, ETC. FROM ENGLISH RECORDS - Heritage Books - ISBN# 1585497916 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 346pp - Index - Publisher's List Price = $28 - Our Price - $25
Jones, E. Alfred - THE LOYALISTS OF NEW JERSEY: THEIR MEMORIALS, PETITIONS, CLAIMS, ETC. FROM ENGLISH RECORDS - Heritage Books - ISBN# 1585497916 - BRAND NEW Book on CD Rom - The most comprehensive examination of New Jersey Loyalists in the American Revolution available. It includes an appendix by A. Van Doren Honeyman of additional loyalists. The book is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the work just as it was originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. There is no electronic index, and there is no electronic text to search. However, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. Image numbers will match the page numbers for all of the main text, as well as the index. Any unnumbered portraits and illustrations are at the back of the actual file, to keep page numbering consistent. - Publisher's List Price = $15.95 - Our Price - $14.50
Jones, Alexander - THE CYMRY OF '76 OR WELSHMEN AND THEIR DESCENDANTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 9780806301952 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 2nd Edition - 132pp - Reprint of 1855 original - This is one of the few printed sources on the role played by the Welsh population during the Revolutionary War. A good deal of space is devoted to notices of prominent persons of Welsh ancestry, and there is, in addition, a section on Welsh surnames. - Publisher's List Price = $20 - Our Price - $19
Kars, Marjoleine - BREAKING LOOSE TOGETHER : THE REGULATOR REBELLION IN PRE-REVOLUTIONARY NORTH CAROLINA - Univ North Carolina Press - ISBN# 9780807849996 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 286pp - Index - Biblio - Notes - Maps - Illustrations - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.50
Kelby, William - ORDERLY BOOK OF THE THREE BATTALIONS OF LOYALISTS COMMANDED BY BRIG GEN OLIVER DE LANCEY 1776-1778 - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 080635092X -BRAND NEW Softcover - Reprint of 1917 Original - 147pp - Index - List of Members - $19.45
Knoblock, Glenn A. - STRONG AND BRAVE FELLOWS : NEW HAMPSHIRE'S BLACK SOLDIERS AND SAILORS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1775 - 1784 - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786415487 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 361pp - Photos - Illustrated - Biblio - Index - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $36
Kwasny, Mark V. - WASHINGTON'S PARTISAN WAR, 1775-1783 - Kent State Univ Press - ISBN# 0873386116 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 425pp - Index - Biblio - Notes - $25.95
LaCrosse Jr., Richard B. - REVOLUTIONARY RANGERS: DANIEL MORGAN'S RIFLEMEN AND THEIR ROLE ON THE NORTHERN FRONTIER, 1778-1783 - Heritage Books - The struggle against the Iroquois on the New York frontier - includes study of myths and facts of the legendary Timothy Murphy and new research on clothing, dress, equipage and firearms - 221pp - Illustrated - Appendix - Full Name Index - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $21.50 - Our Price - $20
(Waterloo) Lefkowitz, Arthur S. - THE WATERLOO ARMIES - THE 1775 AMERICAN INVASION OF CANADA DURING THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Savas Beattie Publishing - ISBN# 9781844155996 - BRAND NEW Hardcover with dust jacket - 224 pages - illustrations - Publisher's List Price = $39.99 - Our Price - $33.95

Lewis, Emanuel Raymond - SEACOAST FORTIFICATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES - AN INTRODUCTORY HISTORY - Naval Institute Press -Brand New Oversized Softcover - Reprint of 1970 Original - 145pp - Index - Photos - Drawings - Covers from Early Colonial thru World War II Period - $27.95
Lewis, James A. - NEPTUNE'S MILITIA : THE FRIGATE SOUTH CAROLINA DURING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Kent State Univ Press - ISBN# 0873386329 - BRAND NEW Hardcover with a Dust Jacket - 235pp - Rosters - Notes - Biblio - Index - Illustrated - List Price = $39 - Our Price - $35
Loprieno, Don - THE ENTERPRISE IN CONTEMPLATION: THE MIDNIGHT ASSAULT OF STONEY POINT - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788425749 - BRAND NEW Softcover - Published on the eve of the 225th anniversary of the battle of Stony Point, The Enterprise in Contemplation recounts one of the most dramatic and least known episodes of the Revolutionary War-the midnight assault of formidable British fortifications by the American Corps of Light Infantry, led by General Anthony Wayne, and armed only with unloaded muskets and fixed bayonets. The book is the first full description of Wayne's attack on the Hudson River stronghold in more than a hundred years, and helps explain, through the use of primary source material, how a garrison of more than 500 experienced troops, protected by fifteen cannon, the Royal Navy, and another fort less than a mile away, was captured in less than thirty minutes. As it relates the story of one of the most daring military exploits in the eight-year struggle that marked the longest conflict ever fought on American soil, The Enterprise in Contemplation explains the American strategy, examines the flawed British defensive plan as well as the actions and locations of the beleaguered defenders, and is rich in detail and documentation. It is a well-told tale of two armies clashing by night, and alive with what has been called the human face of battle-ordinary people reacting to extraordinary circumstances with bravery, valor, and determination - Publisher's List Price = $33.50 - Our Price - $31
Lossing, Benson J. - PICTORIAL FIELD BOOK OF THE REVOLUTION - Or, Illustrations, By Pen And Pencil, Of The History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, And Traditions Of The Last War For American Independence - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788432613 - BRAND NEW Book on CD Rom - Although the story of the American Revolution has been well and often told, Mr. Lossing strives to present a more thorough history of the character and situation of the localities and of the men identified with the Revolution. He felt that "the men of old were fast fading away, and that relics associated with their trials and triumphs would soon be covered up forever." As a result, he took a journey of more than 8,000 miles and visited every important place made memorable by the events of the war, in the hope that a record of his pilgrimage, interwoven with the facts of past history, would provide a worthy reading experience for his readers. He also provided a detailed list of illustrations in each volume for the hundreds of engravings provided within the pages and a subject, place and fullname index for easy access to information. The book is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the work just as it was originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. There is no electronic index, and there is no electronic text to search. However, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. Image numbers will match the page numbers for all of the main text, as well as the index. Any unnumbered portraits and illustrations are at the back of the actual file, to keep page numbering consistent.- Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $28
Lowell, Edward J. - THE HESSIANS AND THE OTHER GERMAN AUXILIARIES OF GREAT BRITAIN IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806351527 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 328pp - Nearly 30,000 German mercenaries fought on the British side during the American Revolution and participated in virtually every major engagement of the war. Although these German auxiliaries came from six different German states, they are commonly known as Hessians because the vast majority came from the principality of Hesse-Cassel. After the war, approximately 7,000 German soldiers remained in North America, becoming the progenitors of many thousands of North Americans living today. Edward J. Lowell's The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War, one of the earliest histories of the German auxiliary troops, is a landmark work that presents a comprehensive record of the German role in the American Revolution from the German perspective. After describing the political situation in Hesse and the treaties that induced the German soldiers to fight for the British, Lowell uses original German accounts of almost every battle from 1776 to the end of the war to create a picture of what sort of people the auxiliaries were, and what impression America and the Americans made on them. This book will be of great interest to the many researchers in the United States and Canada whose ancestors were German auxiliary soldiers from the Revolutionary era - $27.50
Lowenthal, Larry - MARINUS WILLETT : DEFENDER OF THE NORTHERN FRONTIER - Purple Mountain Press - ISBN# 1930098073 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 104pp - Index - Notes - Photos - Illustrated -$15
Martin, David G. - A MOLLY PITCHER SOURCEBOOK - Longstreet House - ISBN# 0944413692 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 329pp - Biblio - Index - Notes - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $33.50
Martin, Tyrone G. - MOST FORTUNATE SHIP : A NARRATIVE HISTORY OF OLD IRONSIDES - Naval Institute Press - ISBN# 1557505888 - Brand BRAND NEW Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $36
Martin, Tyrone G. - A MOST FORTUNATE SHIP : A NARRATIVE HISTORY OF OLD IRONSIDES - Naval Institute Press - ISBN# 1591145139 - Brand New Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $29.95 - Our Price - $26.95
Mather, Frederic Grrgory - THE REFUGEES OF 1776 FROM LONG ISLAND TO CONNECTICUT - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806304952 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 1204 pages - Following the Battle of Long Island (August 27, 1776), more than 5,000 refugees fled Long Island and New York City for the security of Connecticut. The account of their flight and subsequent adventures, their biographies and genealogies, and the history of New York in the Revolution form the main subject of this giant work. Its 1,204 closely documented pages, 886 illustrations, and 20,000-name index furnish the historian with exhaustive and fascinating reference material. Contrary to some popularly held opinions, the refugees were not Tories; many of them saw service with the militia and the Continental Army, and their service records are included in the text along with a complete list of the Long Island Militia and the Long Island census for 1776 - $89.50
McAllister, J. T.- VIRGINIA MILITIA IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR- Heritage Books - ISBN# 1556132662 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 337pp - Index - Publisher's List Price = $27 - Our Price - $24
McCall, Howard H. - ROSTER OF REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS IN GEORGIA (Vol 1 of 3 Volume Set) - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806302194 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 294pp - Volume I of this cumulative work contains the records of hundreds of Revolutionary War soldiers and officers of Georgia, with genealogies of their families, and lists of soldiers buried in Georgia whose graves have been located. The arrangement of Volume II (see Item 3502) is similar; however, it contains records of officers and soldiers not only from Georgia but from other states, many of whose descendants later came to Georgia because of liberal land grants. Volume III (see also Item 3503), the longest of the work, is similar in scope to Volume II except that the majority of the entries are for Georgia officers and soldiers, with only some material relating to other states. The three volumes, each of which is indexed, refer to as many as 20,000 persons overall - $28.45
McCall, Howard H. - ROSTER OF REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS IN GEORGIA (Vol 2 of 3 Volume Set) - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806302208 - BRAND NEW Softcover - $24.95
McCall, Howard H. - ROSTER OF REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS IN GEORGIA (Vol 3 of 3 Volume Set) - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806302216 - BRAND NEW Softcover - $38.45
McDonald, Robert M. S. - THOMAS JEFFERSON'S MILITARY ACADEMY : FOUNDING WEST POINT - Univ Press of Virginia - ISBN# 0813922984 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 231pp - Index - Chapter Notes - $38.50
McGaughy, J. Kent - RICHARD HENRY LEE OF VIRGINIA : A PORTRAIT OF AN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY - Rowman & Littlefield - ISBN# 0742533859 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 248pp - Index - Maps- $27.95
McKee, Christopher - EDWARD PREBLE : A NAVAL BIOGRAPHY 1761-1807 - Naval Institute Press - ISBN# 1612514979- BRAND NEW Softcover - $34.95
McMurry, Rebecca L./ McMurry, James F. - ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL : THOMAS JEFFERSON & THE SALLY STORY - White Mane - ISBN# 1572493038 - BRAND NEW Softcover- $19.95
(Teenager) Metz, Elizabeth Ryan - I WAS A TEENAGER IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: 23 YOUNG PATRIOTS AND TWO TORIES TELL THEIR STORIES - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786425091 -BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 232pp - Notes - Biblio - Index - Maps p Illustrations - Publisher's List Price =$35 - Our Price - $32

Minnis, M. Lee - THE FIRST VIRGINIA REGIMENT OF FOOT 1775-1783 - Willow Bend Books - ISBN# 1888265299 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 467pp - Index - Detailed biographies of unit members - $31
Montgomery, Morton - HISTORY OF BERKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA IN THE REVOLUTION, FROM 1774 TO 1783 - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806345888 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 295pp - Illustrated - $32.45
Morgan, George - THE TRUE PATRICK HENRY - Sprinkle Publications - Reprint of Original - BRAND NEW Hardcover - 492pp - BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - Reprint of Original - 644pp - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32
Moss, Bobby Gilmer - ROSTER OF SOUTH CAROLINA PATRIOTS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806310057 - BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - 1046pp - Alphabetical Listing Names with Biographical Data - $64.95
Mowday, Bruce E.- SEPTEMBER 11, 1777 : WASHINGTON'S DEFEAT AT BRANDYWINE DOOMS PHILADELPHIA - White Mane - ISBN# 9781572493421 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 225pp - Maps - Illustrations - Notes - Biblio - Index - $22.95
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution - LES COMBATTANTS FRANCAIS DE LA GUERRE AMERICAINE, 1778-1783: LISTES ETABLIES D'APRES LES DOCUMENTS AUTHENTIQUES DEPOSES AUX ARCHIVES NATIONALES ET AUX ARCHIVES DU MINISTERE DE LA GUERRE - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788443208 - BRAND NEW Book on CD Rom - The Sons of the American Revolution was created to "perpetuate the memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, have achieved the work of independence " as well as other lofty principles. Mr. Paul Wentworth Linebarger desired to create sections of this society in France. In order to do so, it was necessary to reconstitute the lists of the French soldiers and sailors who took part in the war for American independence. A commission was created to search the archives in France, the national archives and the archives of the ministry of war and recreate these lists. This volume, written primarily in French with some English translations, presents these lists as well as historical background into the relationship between France and America during this time period. A fullname index provides easy access to individual names. (1905), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 467 pp - $14.95
Nelson, Paul David - THE LIFE OF WILLIAM ALEXANDER, LORD STIRLING : GEORGE WASHINGTON'S NOBLE GENERAL -Univ Alabama Press - BRAND NEW Softcover - 245pp - Index - Notes - Biblio - Publisher's List Price =$34.95 - Our Price - $31.95
Neumann, George C. - BATTLE WEAPONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: THE HISTORIAN'S COMPLETE REFERENCE - Mowbray Pub - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - 400pp - Index - Photos - Drawings - Publisher's List Price =$39.95 - Our Price - $39
NEW HAMPSHIRE REVOLUTIONARY WAR ROLLS - Heritage Books - BRAND NEW CD Rom - Contains Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War 1775 to May 1777 with diaries of Lt Burton, Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War 1777 to May 1780 with appendix of NH men in Massachusetts regiments, Rolls and Documents Relating to Soldiers in the revolutionary War with appendix on French and Indian War, Composit Index to Revol War Rolls Vols 14-17, and Misc Revolutionary Documents of N. Hampshire - Publisher's List Price =$42.50 - Our Price - $39
Newman, Harry Wright - MARYLAND REVOLUTIONARY RECORDS - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806302577 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Blue Cloth - 155pp - Data from 3,050 Pension Claims, Soldier Marriages, and includes a Listing of Soldiers from other states who served in Maryland - $19.99
Owen, Thomas M. - REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS IN ALABAMA- Heritage Books - ISBN# 155613116X - BRAND NEW CD Rom #1418 - Included on Alabama Geneaology Volume 1 - Disk includes History of Clarke County, Colonial Mobile, Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama, Early Settlers of Alabama and Cemetery Records of Greene County Alabama and Related Areas - Publisher's List Price = $28 - Our Price - $25
Peden Jr., Henry C. - REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOTS - Willow Bend Books - BRAND NEW Softcover - - NOTE: There are about 15 of these titles available for various Counties of Maryland and Pennsylvania - - Please inquire for the book on your county - Prices average $25 each
(Jefferson's Dream) Perrault, John - JEFFERSON'S DREAM: THE BALLAD OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE - Hobblebush Books - ISBN# 9780980167276 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 46 pp - Illustrated - Biblio - Includes CD Rom with Author Performance of the ballad and other historical tunes including the Ballad of Harriet Tubman, Abe Lincoln Walks at Midnight, Ballad of Frederick Douglas, Call Me Cady Stanton, Thoreau on Thoreau, Ida B. Wells - The Lynching at the Curve, and Eleanor Calling - Explore the fundamental ideals of the American Republic in story and song. Jefferson's Dream includes portraits, commentary, musical scores, ballad lyrics, and a CD of Perrault's original ballads about eight great Americans who lived and advanced the Declaration of Independence: Thomas Jefferson, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Henry David Thoreau, Ida B. Wells, and Eleanor Roosevelt. In the best arts-education tradition, the book dramatizes how each of these figures carried forward the values of the Declaration of Independence and how their struggles for liberty and equality continue to impact our lives. This is a book for classrooms, musicians and everyone interested in understanding the ideals of our country and how to make them live - Publisher's List Price =$16.95 - Our Price - $14.95

Peters, Joan W. - MILITARY RECORDS, PATRIOTIC SERVICE, & PUBLIC SERVICE CLAIMS FROM THE FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA COURT MINUTE BOOKS 1759-1784- Willow Bend Books - ISBN# 1888265973 -Brand New Softcover - 140pp - Indexed - $14.50
Pollack, Queena - PEGGY EATON - DEMOCRACY'S MISTRESS - Milton Balch - N.Y. 1931 - FINE Condition - 1st Edition in Dust Jacket (chipped) - $45
Raab, James W. - SPAIN, BRITAIN AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN FLORIDA, 1763 1783 - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786432134 -BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 204pp - Maps - Photos - Index - Notes - Biblio - As a result of the 1763 Treaty of Paris, Spain relinquished Florida, a land it had possessed for over 200 years, to the British. With revolution imminent, Britain set about populating its two new colonies of East and West Florida with loyal British Tories, ultimately turning St. Augustine into a southern American headquarters for British interests. This volume details the British occupation of colonial Florida immediately before and during the American Revolution with emphasis on the effect this possession had on the course of the war. Beginning with a brief summary of Spanish history, it takes a look at the relative colonial positions of Spain and Britain with regard to the Americas during the pre-revolutionary period. The Georgia-Florida border dispute, the invasion of East Florida and the eventual return of the Spaniards are also discussed. Finally, an appendix details St. Augustine buildings from the revolutionary period which are still standing today - Publisher's List Price = $35 -Our Price - $32
Reed, John F. - CAMPAIGN TO VALLEY FORGE - JULY 1, 1777-DECEMBER 19, 1777 - Pioneer Press - 448pp - Illustrated - Maps - The story of the Revolution in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania - BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - $25
Reid, John Phillip - CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION : VOL 1 - THE AUTHORITY OF RIGHTS - VOL 2 - THE AUTHORITY TO TAX - VOL 3 - THE AUTHORITY TO LEGISLATE - VOL 4 - THE AUTHORITY OF LAW - - Univ Wisconsin Press - BRAND NEW Softcovers- Publisher's List Price each = $24.95 - Our Price - $22.95
Reiss, Oscar - BLACKS IN COLONIAL AMERICA - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 078640339X - BRAND NEW Laminated Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $40
Reiss, Oscar - MEDICINE AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION : HOW DISEASES AND THEIR TREATMENTS AFFECTED THE COLONIAL ARMY - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 0786403381 - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - 278pp - Index - Biblio - Notes - Nearly nine times as many died from diseases during the American Revolution as did from wounds. Poor diet, inadequate sanitation and sometimes a lack of basic medical care caused such diseases as dysentery, scurvy, typhus, smallpox and others to decimate the ranks. Scurvy was a major problem for both the British and American navies, while venereal diseases proved to be a particularly vexing problem in New York. Respiratory diseases, scabies and other illnesses left nearly 4,000 colonial troops unable to fight when George Washington's troops broke camp at Valley Forge in June 1778. From a physician's perspective, this is a unique history of the American Revolution and how diseases impacted the execution of the war effort. The medical histories of Washington and King George III are also provided - Publisher's List Price = $39.95 - Our Price - $36
Retzer, Henry J. - THE GERMAN REGIMENT OF MARYLAND AND PENNSYLVANIA IN THE CONTINENTAL ARMY 1776-1781- Willow Bend Books - ISBN# 1585492027 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 183pp - Index - Revised Edition - $20.50
Roberts, James A. and Frederick G. Mather - NEW YORK IN THE REVOLUTION AS COLONY AND STATE [TOGETHER WITH SUPPLEMENT] 2 VOLS. IN 1 - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806314893 - BRAND NEW Hardcover - 900pp - Second only to Massachusetts in furnishing troops for the Revolutionary War, New York put at least 43,645 men in the field, all of whom are identified in this work from original muster rolls and payrolls in the State Comptroller's Office, as well as from records concerning regiments of the "Line" in rolls on file in the old War Department in Washington. New York forces were divided into Lines, Levies, and Militias, and these units, combined with men from coastal privateers, totaled 43,645, but if we add the 8,237 men named in the Land Bounty Papers in this second edition, a total force of nearly 52,000 men is arrived at, all of whom are conveniently located in the index to the first volume. - $59.50
Rogers, James A. - RICHARD FURMAN: LIFE AND LEGACY - Mercer Univ Press - 335pp - BRAND NEW Softcover - Index - Biblio- Furman was a Baptist preacher who volunteered to fight in the American Revolution - Publisher's List Price = $20 - Our Price - $18
ROSTER OF SOLDIERS FROM NORTH CAROLINA IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806300914 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 709pp - The most complete military roster for the state, this monumental work contains the names of approximately 36,000 soldiers from North Carolina who served during the Revolution. Service records include such information as rank, company, date of enlistment or commission, period of service, combat experience, and whether captured, wounded, or killed. This is a complete roster of soldiers named in both published and unpublished accounts, the information deriving in the main from such sources as military land warrants and vouchers, comptroller's records, state rosters, pension records, army accounts, pay rolls, muster rolls, and militia returns, and from the published accounts found in Pierce's Register, Heitman's Register, and Katherine Keogh White's King's Mountain Men. The entire work, with its various and sundry lists, is completely indexed - $72.95
(SoColonies) Russell, David Lee - THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN THE SOUTHERN COLONIES - McFarland Publishing - 367pp - Maps - Biblio - Index - Details of the history and battles in the South including Norfolk, Savannah, King's Mountain, Cowpens, Portsmouth, and Guilford Court House - BRAND NEW Oversized Laminated Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $42.95

Russell, T. Triplett / Gott, John K. - FAUQUIER COUNTY IN THE REVOLUTION- Willow Bend Books - ISBN# 1888265604 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 513pp - Index - Maps - Illustrated - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.50
Salley, Jr., Alexander - RECORDS OF THE REGIMENTS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA LINE IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806307692 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 86pp - With Index - $12.45
(VAMilOrg) Sanchez-Saavedra, E. M. - A GUIDE TO VIRGINIA MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1774-1787- Willow Bend Books - ISBN# 1585496529 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 226pp - Index - Notes - $22.50

Schenk, David - NORTH CAROLINA 1780-81: BEING A HISTORY OF THE INVASION OF THE CAROLINAS BY THE BRITISH ARMY UNDER LORD CORNWALLIS IN 1780-1781 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788414410 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 498pp plus Index - Maps - Exciting narratives and battle maps are presented for each of the following significant engagements: Camden, King's Mountain, Cowpens, Guilford Court-House, Hobkirk's Hill and Eutaw Springs. During the course of the war, the North Carolina Legislature voted to raise several regiments of continental troops, six battalions of Minute Men and three Light Horse companies. The names of all of the officers for these units are listed - Publisher's List Price = $37 - Our Price - $34.50
Schouler, James - AMERICANS OF 1776 : DAILY LIFE IN REVOLUTIONARY AMERICA - Heritage Books - ISBN# 155613293X -BRAND NEW Softcover - 331PP - This classic work provides an intimate view of the way Americans lived during that exciting period in our history. Some sample chapter headings: Freemen and Bondsmen; Crimes and Disorders; The Casualties of Life; The Three Public Vocations; Dress and Diet; Recreations and Amusements; The Colonial Press; Philanthropy and Disease; Common School Education; Libraries and Clubs; Industrial Pursuits; and much more - Publisher's List Price = $27 - Our Price - $25
Schroeder, Frederick - THE MAXIMS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON - Sprinkle Publications - BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - Reprint of Original - 502pp - Publisher's List Price = $30 - Our Price - $27
Schroder, Walter K. - THE HESSIAN OCCUPATION OF NEWPORT AND RHODE ISLAND, 1776-1779 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788440748 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 198pp - Index - Biblio - Maps - Photos - Illustrations - This well-researched historical narrative vividly portrays the events of the Rhode Island campaign, which lasted from December 8, 1776 to October 25, 1779. Information gleaned from source diaries and unit journals, originally recorded in German, provide a wealth of insight into the daily life of the German soldiers who were committed to the Rhode Island campaign. In light of modern travel and technology, it is difficult to imagine the perilous two-month journey across the Atlantic to America that was just the beginning of the hardships, dangers, and fears to be experienced by these eighteenth-century German soldiers. The 1776 occupation of Newport, troop movements, raids and incursions, the Treaty of Paris, the 1778 siege of Newport, the Battle of Rhode Island, and much more are examined in detail. - Publisher's List Price = $25 - Our Price - $24
Schulz, A. N. - ILLUSTRATED DRILL MANUAL & REGULATIONS FOR THE AMERICAN SOLDIER OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Pioneer Press - 62pp - Illustrated - Excerpts from von Steuben's drill instructions - BRAND NEW Softcover- $8
Scott, Samuel F. - FROM YORKTOWN TO VALMY: THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE FRENCH ARMY IN AN AGE OF REVOLUTION - Univ Colorado - ISBN# 0870816381 - BRAND NEW Softcover - The story of the men and officers of the regiments that fought in the American Revolution under the Count de Rochambeau their influence on the coming of the French Revolution and their fate in revolutionary and Bonapartist France - shipped in 1-2 days direct from publisher - Publisher's List Price = $27.95 - Our Price - $24.95
Scotti, Anthony - BRUTAL VIRTUE: THE MYTH AND REALITY OF BANASTRE TARLETON - Heritage Books - Made infamous by his deeds in the motion picture "The Patriot" - Tarleton's Legion of Dragoons and its Loyalist members comitted frequent excesses on and off the battlefield - 304pp - Illustrated - Full Name & Subject Index - BRAND NEW Softcover - $22
Sheads, Scott S./ Sheads, Scott - FORT MCHENRY : A HISTORY - Nautical & Aviation Publishing - ISBN# 1877853402 -BRAND NEW Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $28.95 - Our Price - $26
Sheads, Scott S./ Sheads, Scott - FORT MCHENRY : A HISTORY - Nautical & Aviation Publishing - ISBN# 1877853402 -BRAND NEW Hardcover - Publisher's List Price = $28.95 - Our Price - $26
Simcoe, John Graves - SIMCOE'S MILITARY JOURNAL: A HISTORY OF THE OPERATIONS OF A PARTISAN CORPS CALLED THE QUEEN'S RANGERS, COMMANDED BY LIEUT. COL. J. G. SIMCOE DURING THE WAR OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION- Scholars Bookshelf - ISBN# 0945726961 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 328pp - Includes all 10 original fold-out maps - Reprint - The history of the famed "Simcoe's Rangers," and their activities between Simcoe's accession to command on October 15, 1777 and the end of the war, written by their commanding officer in 1787 but not published until 1844. The work is invaluable for its material on the occupation of New York and the fighting in the South, with many detailed accounts of battles supported by unique maps. Includes the original substantial documentary appendix of letters and papers - $275
Smith, Justin H. - ARNOLD'S MARCH FROM CAMBRIDGE TO QUEBEC: A CRITICAL STUDY TOGETHER WITH A REPRINT OF ARNOLD'S JOURNAL - Heritage Books - ISBN# 1556131941 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 498pp - Index - Notes - Appendices - Reprint of 1903 Original - Publisher's List Price = $39 - Our Price - $36
Stewart, Robert A. - THE HISTORY OF VIRGINIA'S NAVY OF THE REVOLUTION - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806348712 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Blue Cloth issued without jacket - Reprint of 1934 original - 279pp - Index - Detailed Bibliographic Rosters - $95
Stryker, William S. - THE BATTLE OF MONMOUTH -Longstreet House - ISBN# 0944413609 - BRAND NEW Hardcover Reprint of 1927 original - 307pp - Issued without jacket - Maps - Index- Illustrations - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $32
Stryker-Rodda, Harriet - UNDERSTANDING COLONIAL HANDWRITING - Genealogical Publishing - ISBN# 0806311533 - BRAND NEW Softcover - $9.95
Swager, Christine R. - THE VALIANT DIED, THE BATTLE OF EUTAW SPRINGS, SEPTEMBER 8, 1781 - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788441027 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 176pp - Maps - Biblioo - Index - Bios of Key Officers - A study of the Battle of Eutaw Springs. It examines the events of the British Southern Campaign in the American Revolution that led up to the battle, as well as the battle's aftermath and its impact on the British surrender at Yorktown. More than thirty maps by John Robertson illustrate the major battles in the south and the complicated movements of Lord Cornwallis and Major General Nathanael Greene in their cat-and-mouse quest for control of the southern colonies. Greene's strategy and leadership is highlighted in this book. Other special features include military histories of the American and British units that were present at this battle, and an appendix with biographical sketches of the American commanders at Eutaw Springs: Nathanael Greene, Henry (Light Horse Harry) Lee, William Washington, John Eager Howard, Otho Williams, Robert Kirkwood, Richard Campbell, Francis Marion and Andrew Pickens. The Valiant Died is Christine Swager's fourth book about the Revolutionary War. In Black Crows and White Cockades and If Ever Your Country Needs You, she chronicled the campaigns of Francis "the Swamp Fox" Marion. She told the story of another historic battle in Come to the Cow Pens! Told with historical precision and in her storyteller's style, Swager's description of Gen. Nathanael Greene's hard fought victory at Eutaw Springs in September 1781 graphically outlines the story of the liberation of the south from British occupation. - Publisher's List Price = $24 - Our Price - $22.95
Sweeny, Lenora H. - AMHERST COUNTY, VIRGINIA, IN THE REVOLUTION. INCLUDING EXTRACTS FROM THE "LOST ORDER BOOK" 1773-1782- Southern Historical Press - ISBN# 0893082694 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Red Cloth issued without jacket - 230pp - Reprint of 1951 Original - Located on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Amherst County was created from the southwestern portion of Albemarle County in 1761. Originally, its boundary lines were much larger, included in it's boundaries was Nelson County which was Nelson County which was carved off in 1808. It is surrounded by the present day counties of: Appomattox, Bedford, Botetourt, Buckingham, Campbell, Nelson, and Rockbridge. Thought to have been destroyed or carried off during the Civil War, the Amherst Order Book covering the Revolutionary time frame was discovered by the author during one of her many trips to the court house while doing research. Not only was the: Lost Order Book" 1773-1782 used to complete this book but other sources as well including Muster & Pay Rolls. Included in the discussion of Amherst's participation in the Revolution are many lists of which some are: The First Rifle Company, Officers of the Militia before and during the Revolution, Revolutionary soldiers from Amherst County comprising then the territory of the present day county of Nelson, and many, many lists of muster & payrolls from various companies serving duty from Amherst County. The author has even included disbursements to wives, widows & orphans of Revolutionary soldiers and also, claims for property impresses or taken for public service. Another interesting feature of this "Lost Order Book" 1773-1782 is a list of the names of soldiers who proved they had served in the French & Indian War and thus qualified to obtain bounty land allowed by the proclamation of the King of Great Britain in 1763. Of Special interest, the author has included over 200 applications of Amherst soldiers for Pensions. These applications many times give such information as: date & place of birth, date of death, current residence at time of filing, date of enlistment, his service record, date of marriage, names of spouse & children, along with their birth dates and marriage dates, names of his & his wife's parents, names of fellow soldiers he served with, even neighbors that lived beside him before taken duty, and date placed on pension roll.- $29.95
Symonds, Craig & William Clipson - BATTLEFIELD ATLAS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Nautical & Aviation Publishing - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 112pp - 47 Maps - Photos - - $35

Taaffe, Stephen R. - THE PHILADELPHIA CAMPAIGN, 1777-1778- Univ Kansas Press - ISBN# 070061267X - BRAND NEW Hardcover in a Dust Jacket - 336pp - Maps - Notes - Biblio - Index - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $39.95
Thomas, William H. B. - REMARKABLE HIGH TORIES: SUPPORTERS OF KING AND PARLIAMENT IN REVOLUTIONARY MASSACHUSETTS - Heritage Books -ISBN# 0788417053 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 282pp - Index - Illustrations - Publisher's List Price = $27.50 - Our Price - $24.75
Thwaites, Reuben Gold - THE REVOLUTION ON THE UPPER OHIO, 1775-1777 - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806351381 -BRAND NEW Softcover - 275pp - Index - Illustrated - $29
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich (Edt) - ARMY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION & IT'S ORGANIZER - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0788410660 - Brand New Softcover - $17
Troiani, Don - DON TROIANI'S SOLDIERS IN AMERICA, 1754-1865 - Stackpole Books - ISBN# 0811705196 - BRAND NEW Oversized Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 242pp - Beautiful Color Prints - and Illustrations - $25.00
Tucker, Robert W./ Hendrickson, David C. - FALL OF THE FIRST BRITISH EMPIRE : ORIGINS OF THE WAR OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE - Johns Hopkins Univ - ISBN# 0801870003 - BRAND NEW Softcover - $28
United Empire Loyalists Centennial Committee, Toronto - The Old United Empire Loyalists List - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 080630331X - BRAND NEW Softcover - 334pp - Reprint of 1885 Original - The "List" contains the names of the thousands of United Empire Loyalist settlers who left the American colonies during and after the Revolutionary War and settled, first, in 1783, in what is now New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and then, in 1784, in Upper Canada, or what is now the Province of Ontario. After the war, additional settlers came from the United States to claim the protection of the Crown, and so the "List" contains additions down to 1798, the terminal year of the Loyalist migrations. The 156-page main "List" contains the names of the heads of upwards of 5,000 Loyalist families, with such information as places of residence, military service, and family relationships. A supplementary 52-page listing contains about 2,000 additional names - $29.45
(Deane) Van Vlack, Milton - Silas Deane, Revolutionary War Diplomat and Politician - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786472529 - BRAND NEW Full-Size Laminated Softcover - 244pp - 22 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index - Silas Deane was the victim of one of the most vicious character assassination conspiracies ever carried out in the Revolutionary War era. Even after almost two and a half centuries, he remains in the eyes of many modern historians, "worse than Arnold," his boyhood friend.This is very wrong. Because Deane was such a capable individual in his endeavors very early in the war, he became the political target of envious others with quite different abilities and philosophies. Even so, his political strength kept growing and in 1776 Congress appointed him America's first secret agent to secure military supplies from France for Washington's army. This biography is written on the man himself and on the malicious and largely successful lies and intrigues by his rivals. The work does not downplay the contributions of his contemporaries, especially those of his close friend throughout, Benjamin Franklin, but shows exactly where specific credit should be placed. A lot of credit for the new nation's success belongs to him. Publisher's List Price =$40 - Our Price - $36.95

Walling, Karl-Friedrich - REPUBLICAN EMPIRE : ALEXANDER HAMILTON ON WAR AND FREE GOVERNMENT- Univ Kansas Press - ISBN# 0700609709 - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - 356pp - Index - Notes - Publisher's List Price = $45 - Our Price - $41.95
(For Virginia) Ward, Harry M. - FOR VIRGINIA AND FOR INDEPENDENCE - TWENTY-EIGHT REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS FROM THE OLD DOMINION - McFarland Publishing - ISBN# 9780786461301 - BRAND NEW Full-Sized Laminated Softcover - 225pp - 17 photos, appendix, notes, bibliography, index - The phrase "American Revolutionary War Hero" usually brings to mind George Washington, John Paul Jones and other famous officers. Heroes, however, existed throughout the ranks during the Revolution, and many made their marks without ever receiving proper recognition. These portraits of 28 Virginia Revolutionary soldiers expand the historical record of those who was a "hero." Whether as infantryman, cavalryman, marine, militiaman, spy, frontier fighter or staffer, all performed with distinction that contributed to victory. A strongman who performed superhuman feats during battle; a woman who fought as a soldier; a militiaman who sounded a fateful alarm--some gave their lives, others were terribly wounded, but all demonstrated heroism beyond the call of duty - Publisher's List Price =$35 - Our Price - $32.99

Washington, George - THE PAPERS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON - Univ Press of Virginia - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Dust Jacket - There are approx 29 Volumes in this series - Each sells for approx $95 - Not sold as s set, although we can offer a small discount on multiple titles - please inquire.
Watson, Alan D. - WILMINGTON NORTH CAROLINA TO 1861- McFarland Publishing - 304pp - Photos - Biblio - Index - BRAND NEW Laminated Softcover - Publisher's List Price = $35 - Our Price - $31.50
Watson, Henry C. - CAMP-FIRES OF THE REVOLUTION: OR THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE - Reprint of 1853 Original - BRAND NEW Hardcover in Blue Cloth - 447pp - Illustrated - $30
Wells, Edward L. - A SKETCH OF THE CHARLESTON LIGHT DRAGOONS - Jim Fox Books - Originally printed in 1888 - Traces the Charleston Light Dragoons from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. This company volunteered for service in 1861 and served as an independent Cavalry Company defending the land approaches to Charleston and keeping the railroad open between Charleston and Savannah. They later became Company "K" of the 4th S. Carolina Cavalry under Butler's Brigade. They served with Hampton in Virginia during the brutal 1864 Overland Campaign where Hampton remarked the action was so intense "We didn't have time to bury our dead." - South Carolina Regimental Series - BRAND NEW Hardcover - $25
Whitcomb, Esther / Mayo, Dorothy - BOLTON SOLDIERS & SAILORS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Heritage Books - ISBN# 0917890566 - BRAND NEW Oversized Softcover - 90pp - Illustrated - $18.50
White, Emmett R.- REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, Volume 2 - Southern Historical - ISBN# 0893085200 -BRAND NEW Hardcover issued without jacket - The contributions of the Revolutionary War soldiers of Western N.C. during the conflict of 1775-1782 were immense. The rolling hills of the Carolina Piedmont were as much a battleground as those of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Kings Mountain, Ramsour's Mill, Cowpens, the Indian Wars, and many other conflicts all helped to change the course of American history. Unfortunately, from a historical standpoint, very little written data is available concerning the contributions of the Western N.C. Militiamen. Many of the western counties, though their soldiers contributed greatly to the war effort, are historically "silent". This work is an effort to unravel and to present in a systematic way something about their lives and exploits. The initial two volume will be devoted to Burke County. Each soldier will be written up to his early life (as much as could be made available), his military experiences, his later life, including marriages, children, occupations, etc. Also included will be his land transactions and census locations. Where available, burial sites will be given as well as pension awards. Following completion of the Burke County editions, similar works will begin on the remaining Western North Carolina counties. Early research is now in progress for Wilkes, Surry, Rowan, Mecklenburg, Lincoln, and Rutherford counties - $36.95
White, Katherine Keogh - KING'S MOUNTAIN MEN : THE STORY OF THE BATTLE, WITH SKETCHES OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIERS WHO TOOK PART - Clearfield Publishing - ISBN# 0806303832 - BRAND NEW Softcover - 271pp - This is an important work on the men who participated in the battle of King's Mountain, drawn from contemporary records of Southwest Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee, with letters, documents, and additional material taken from the Lyman Draper Collection. The first section of the book is a miscellany of court records of Watauga, Washington County, North Carolina (later Tennessee), 1778-1782, and contains, in addition, militia rosters for the years 1777 and 1779 and pension declarations filed by King's Mountain participants and their heirs. Section Two is composed of biographical sketches of the soldiers, numbering close to 1,000 and arranged in alphabetical order. An Appendix contains lists of Tennessee pensioners - $32.95
Williamson, Mary - THE LIFE AND ANECDOTES OF GEORGE WASHINGTON FOR YOUNG READERS - Sprinkle Publications -Reprint of Original - BRAND NEW Hardcover - 331pp - $18
Zall, P.M. - FOUNDING MOTHERS : PROFILES OF TEN WIVES OF AMERICA'S FOUNDING FATHERS- Heritage Books - ISBN# 1556134266 - Brand New Softcover - $17.50




- Columbia Pictures - Video (VHS) - Starring Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin, a reluctant hero swept into the revolution when the British Dragoons, under the infamous Carlton Banastre, threaten his family and his friends - Approx 2 1/2 Hours - Publisher's List Price = $19.95 each - Our Price - $14

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