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We have been selling Civil War and Military Books at shows, on the Internet and by Catalog for over 14 Years. We were the first Civil War Book Dealer to put up a site on the Internet and we own both the Civil War Mall (www.civilwarmall.com) - and The History Mall (www.thehistorymall.com) - and have an open shop adjacent to our home in the North Carolina mountains. We started with Civil War books, but have expanded and now offer a complete line of military books, videos, and other items for sale. Now that we have an open shop and do this full-time, folks often come by and visit. For those of you who can't visit in person, here are some images of our home and shop.


Our home was built in 1866 by Jonathan B. Miller, a Confederate Officer who served in the 58th North Carolina Infantry. He returned to Watauga County after being paroled by the Union. He authored the book The Watauga Boys in the Great Civil War. The house, although renovated, still retains most of the original interior with pine planking on walls floors and ceilings. It has a tin roof which affords a real country flavor - and pleasant sound when it's raining!

(Barn) We have renovated the hay loft in the barn and have a comfortable little shop where we run our business. As part of the renovations, we installed heating/air conditioning, phone linesand computers. We replaced the original hay loft door with an insulated steel and glass door and added a large deck and an access ramp to allow visitors to come into the store from the driveway. Incoming book shipments are received and orders packed and shipped from an area beneath the store. We ship most books via Priority Mail the next day and have our own postage meter with USPS daily pickup

(Barn3 (Barn6 We have a nice display area in our renovated barn, but not as much room as we could use since we keep expanding our book offerings - we now have displays for Civil War, Revolutionary War, World War One, World War II, Korea and Vietnam books. We special order many other general military, genealogy and Indian War titles as we need them for customers.

(Barn7 (Barn9 We have a huge in-stock selection of World War II titles - many Specialty Publishers such as Schiffer, Bender, Fedorowicz, U.S. Naval Institute, Pen & Sword, Casemate and Battery Press

(Barn10 (Barn11 We have a lighted antique Oak and Glass Display Case (rescued from an old cigar shop) that allows us to display some of our special books.

We have a whole section of World War II Aviation Books, DVDs and Videos - Many of our WWII books are Signed by the Pilots of WWII - and some by Medal of Honor Winners!

(Barn12 (Barn13 We have a World War I section that includes original battlefield artifacts including helmets, artillery shells and hand-grenades that we have collected at battlefields in France and Germany. Many folks enjoy visiting the shop just to look at the collectibes that are on display!

We have samples of Cannon Sets, Swords, Pistols, Caps and other reproduction and gift items that are shipped direct to our customers from Collector's Armoury.

(Suzanne) (Suzanne2) My wife Suzanne has helped me with this business for almost 20 years now and she packs almost all the orders. She carefully packs every order to be sure books arrive undamaged - - and we lots of great Customer Comments on our web page about her packing!. Suzanne and I like to travel and usually Fly Space "A" using military flights. We have visited many of Europe's castles and battlefields in Normandy, Dieppe, Waterloo, Arnhem, Verdun, the Somme and other locations. We were lucky enough to catch a flight on Air Force Two from Germany to Andrews AFB - - pretty amazing trip with great food and lots of leg room! Here is Suzanne in Belgium standing next to a Sherman Tank outside a military museum.

Suzanne now has a Blog Page that you can visit Visit Suzanne's Blog


My wife Suzanne did major editing for a new book - PARADIGM - it's not a military book, but it's pretty interesting and has been getting some buzz in the financial markets since it discusses a proven method for making money in the stock market - wrapped around a murder/mystery! We do have some copies available at $20 each -

(Matilda) (Matilda2) When I started this business, my wife Suzanne, bought me a kitten named Matilda (after the song Waltzing Matilda) - she has since gone to kitty heaven. Matilda always liked being in the book barn and welcoming visitors - - she always rubbed her face on any books that are stacked on the floor.

(Sherman) (Sherman2) In Winter of 2003, we rescued Sherman (the Tank) from the Humane Society. He was really small and Matilda was quite able to handle his antics - - - he is now almost 2 years old in this photo and would pounce on Matilda whenever he had the chance - - - usually preferring a frontal assault! He is still as sweet as he was when he first came home, but he sure has grown. He likes visitors - and treats -

(Sherman3) (Sherman4) Sherman spends a lot of time running around the yard chasing butterflies, crickets and creepy-crawley things! Sometimes he just curls up and sleeps.

(Sherman5) (Sherman7) Sherman on the patio table helping Suzanne plan our next trip to France. He's met our house sitter, but hasn't quite figured out that he won't be flying with us on the C17!

Sherman's favorite pasttime is patiently waiting for Matilda to drop her guard so he can jump on her back! He misses her company, but has not been willing for us to adopt a new friend

(Sherman6) Trick or Treat! Sherman looking for the Halloween Candy!

(ShermanXmas) Sherman has enjoyed this Christmas Season - He's Three Years Old in this photo and was up late partying with Santa on Christmas Eve - - he even baked some catnip cookies for Santa!

(BadKitty) Enter the Bad Kitty! This guy has been around out place for about as long as we have been here - but he has always kept his distance and never came close to us - except to fight with Matilda or Sherman. However, last winter Suzanne started feeding and talking to him - - and he has now adopted us (much to Sherman's dislike) - - he is laying next to me on the floor of the book shop as I write this. He is still quite the wild cat - stays outside at night, but happy to come into the house to eat and harass Sherman. He jumps in my lap in the morning when I sit on the patio with my coffee.

(Sherman) Sherman is getting ready for the Great Pumpkin to visit! He is ready to go trick or treating - - just not with the Bad Kitty!

(House2 (House3 We currently have a large selection of Regimental Histories and Collectible book titles in antique Mahogany Bookcases in our house, since there is just not enought room in the book barn. When we extend an offer to "come visit" - we mean just that. You are welcome to sit outside under the trees or relax on the New Stone Patio - - We are a home-based business in every sense of the word!

(Trailer) We still have a small red book trailer parked in front of the shop that we have used for shows. In the past, we have done shows in Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Fredericksburg, Harpers Ferry and other locations, however, we are no longer doing shows, since they are a lot of work and not quite the venues they were when we first started selling Civil War Books.

(TT) Since I started doing this full-time, I have managed to grow the business and actually make enough income for us to live comfortably. In an era when most independent booksellers have vanished, I have been fortunate enough to combine the Internet and old fashioned customer service to stay ahead of the pack. I work pretty hard and sometimes need to have a little fun - - The Audi TT helps a lot! - - this would never have happened without our customers!

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